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Thoughts on Norwegian Prima?

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I thoughts I would kick things off by asking everyone their thoughts on the Norwegian Prima and all the impressive entertainment features the Norwegian Cruise Line recently revealed. One of the main features is a three-level racetrack and that freefall drop slide! The inaugural season also looks amazing! What do you think?



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We were on the Sept 3rd Prima sailing out of Amsterdam.  Our impression was that there are a few cool new things but honestly we came away doubtful that this is the ship of the future. The good...we liked the new Indulge food court, the food was good overall and my husband enjoyed the big race track. The bad...There is quite a bit of open space on a boardwalk that goes around the ship outside.  However in order to create that space they have to remove space from other places. We literally never could find a table at the buffet and this is on a ship only 70% full. Every day they sent overflow to other places...not ideal. Also, because of the ship design, you can't easily walk from one end of the ship to the other except in the outside hallways of the rooms. Weird!  We found ourselves along with other guests using the room hallways often so we didn't have to walk through the maze. Again not ideal. The theatre that converts to a dance floor sounds cool. But in reality when it converts many seats fold away so now your capacity is very small. Shows sold out almost immediately. Again on a 70% full ship? But the kicker for us was the Thermal Spa.  If you're someone who enjoys these definitely don't book it ahead of time before you see what you're getting.  It's much smaller and for our sailing wasn't even completely built. There were no jets in the much smaller warm pool. Rhere were grab bars as nirmal on other ships and plates where some day jets will go but they weren't installed yet. The "saltwater pool" had no saltwater. Very very disappointing is all I can say. We went to the desk and they actually first tried to convince us that it was complete. When we explained that we've seen the pool on other ships and know this not to be true they came clean and said they weren't sure why NCL wasn't informing guests that there was work to be done still. We asked for a refund or at least partial credit. He said since we purchased it online instead of directly with the spa he couldn't help us but he'd escalate it and get back to us. We never heard anything more and I decided not to spend my vacation arguing with the cruise line.  But it was Pretty rotten! So, some good, some bad and overall we were disappointed.  

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Oh, that is disappointing.  I was hoping for a good review on Prima since they have really cool activities that I do not see on other ships.  The "ship of the future".  It does sound like their design would increase the foot traffic inside, along the hallways of the rooms.  That is annoying, especially in the evening and you just want to sleep early.  I enjoy walking around knowing where I'd end up, while looking at the beautiful art and wall designs.  Figuring out a maze is another.

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