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  1. does anyone else think that the go cart track is way overdone and that space could have been much better used?
  2. they’re being sneaky af…. they removed DR, and Cozumel…. saying it’s due to the ship having to travel at a slower speed due to maintenance.
  3. covid is very real, vaccines are working and if you’re not with the program then stay home!
  4. i am also on this cruise and i’m beyond furious!!!! first 5 days at sea is way too much and how can they eliminate Cozumel, which every ship to and from nola manages to stop at!! they could have at least added their own private island. we booked this cruise specifically for the itinerary, as the ship itself sucks big time!!!!
  5. ncl decided to eliminate 2 ports of call on what was originally supposed to be 7 ports of call on a 14 day cruise. They are still promoting it as 7 ports but are including the departure port of NYC and arrival port of NOLA., giving only 5 actual stops on a 14 day cruise. Not what we booked nor what we wanted
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