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  1. yes, the ship looks great has many interesting features... BUT, in August we returned to the Oasis, 100%+ occupancy.. frankly, it sucked.. occupancy on the Icon is like 7000 guests...So, for us. the Icon is a NO GO...
  2. well, after reading many of the reviews, WE CANCELLED
  3. if everybody arrived early or whenever they wanted, it would be a MESS.. arrive at your designated time...
  4. Just saw an article stating that the cruise lines are raising their drink prices..
  5. DeannaB.. not excusing anything, but he mentioned that it was the buffet
  6. We have had great success using the bidding program.. we ended up with an inside family cabin, that was like an apartment- 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, one with a tub as well as a living room, 3 tv’s all with movie channels for the grand total of $300.. if you have an inside cabin, you can only bid within your grade, that is to say that you can’t bid on a balcony… it’s worth a shot
  7. Well, my family was on a Royal cruise on Oasis, August 21-28. My wife and myself are vaccinated 2X and boosted 2X, and my daughter’s family is vaccinated as well.. last week of summer and the ship was PACKED… no one in my family had any symptoms at all… on the car ride home, my wife didn’t feel well.. it was a Sunday and she used one of our Covid tests and was POSITIVE for Covid.. she did a tele-doc thing and was prescribed Paxlovid.. I had a bad case of Covid last year and my antibodies saved me from Covid… BTW, our oldest daughter also tested POSITIVE.., We cancelled our remaining cruises for the year… Yet, everyone had to produce an antigen test.. despite all precautions, my family was Covid victims.. take what you want from this, but we are NOT sailing in the coming months… best of luck, but BEWARE….
  8. FJB, that reply was a bit harsh… perhaps these things have happened to you, but they are the exception, not the rule
  9. Ship looks awesome… we booked for Bermuda next year… can’t wait !!
  10. Thanks for asking... 2 weeks after the cruise, their health is almost 100%. The symptoms started on the car ride home.. she did a tele-doc thing and got Paxlovid prescription, which certainly helped. They had NO symptoms on board.. The Oasis was definitely at 100% capacity, and at times it seemed overcrowded, as it was the last week of summer.. tons of kids.. we cancelled all of our remaining cruises and are inclined to skip any mega ships for the time being.. stay well...
  11. we just returned from a FULL Oasis of the Seas cruise... Both my wife and myself are 2x vaxed and 2x boosted.. my wife contracted Covid and our daughter also vaxed and on the cruise got Covid too... BEWARE...!!!!
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