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  1. The GEM Is scheduled to leave tomorrw - not today. That info is incorrect, All of the other info about Bar Harbor is correct.
  2. Does anyone have any updates or been on this cruise. I just read an article today about the 1000 passenger restriction in Bar Harbor. Many cruise lines have cancelled Bar Harbor and are going to Portland (Ugh!). The GEM is still n Bermuda and was supposed to leave at 4:30pm. I am goingj on this cruise this month and would rather stay in Bermuda instead of going to Bar Harbor or Portland.
  3. Unfortunately if NCL skips Bermuda - they will add anoter sea day. The ships cannot dock any earlier than planned and ships do not stay overnight in St. Martin. Either way - the ship will be in warm weather.
  4. Last year we went at the same time on this cruise. Bermuda was supposed to be the last stop after Tortola but we were informed that we were not going due to weather. It was 3 sea days home. Too much for us. This time Bermuda is on the way down. I assume if we miss it - at least we will be in warm weather for the extra day. Either way, the last stop is Puerta Plaza and then 2 sea days home. We have been on the Getaway many times. It is a beautiful, fun ship. I know you will love it as there is tons to do for your children and you. The shows are great! Even if we skip Bermuda - the arrival time at St. Maarten is 1pm. The ship will not arrive any sooner. I will be watchig to see if you stop in Bermuda - I watch the port on PTZ TV webcam. Have fun!!
  5. I don't understand why NCL keeps putting Bermuda on this itinerary because the ship hardly ever stops there. We have had the same thing happen to us and ended up with 3 sea days home. By day 3 it was unbearable because the outside weather was very cold and windy. One would think the ship would cruise around in the warm weather longer but no, the Captain booked it to NY. The North Atlanric is unforgiving in Feb/March. Pack good books and crossword puzzles. We are leaving on 2/26 on the same cruise and keeping our fingers crossed that we stop in Bermuda on the way down. We took this date because no matter what, it is 2 sea days home from Puerta Plata.
  6. No, it is about the amount of "sea days". A stop in Bermuda on the way down breaks up the sea days. It is supposed to be 2 sea days back but on this trip it is 3. It seems like the whole itinerary was rearranged. I have been on the Getaway twice when it never went to where it was supposed to. It is the only ship homeporting in NYC for the season so I have limited options.
  7. Does anyone have any information on the why the NCL Getaway skipped Bermuda which was supposed to be its first stop? It seems like the whole itineray was backwards. The ship is now on its way back to NYC from the Carribean. This is 3 full sea days on the return trip. We are looking at this cruise for February and it seems like Bermudaa is always skipped. Thank you.
  8. I would not rely on anything NCL tells you about catching your flight. Yiu need to go with your gut and make your own arrangements. We were just in Alaska and our flght was at 11:30am. I booked the ship's transfer to the airport and was told it would leave at 9am. The airport was at last 45 minutes away. I kept going to customer service because I was worried that we would miss our flight to Boston. Seattle airport is enormous and CROWDED!! They kept reassuring me that I would get my flight. I even asked for a refund - which was denied- so I could grab a cab earlier. Needless to say - as soon as people were let of the ship around 7:30am - we were outside. I went up to one of the many airport transfer busses and asked when they were leaving - they told me as soon as the bus was full. We got on and left for the airport. We just made it with 1/2 hour to spare before boarding. I had the same experience last March getting from Manhattan to JFK - the transfer bus sat outside the cruise terminal and did not leave until 1pm -even though I was told that they leave as soon as the bus fills up. We barely made our flight to Worcester. Our trip to NOLA was last December and we are leaving Sunday for Bemuda out of Manhattan. We are driving to and from Manhattan from Massachusetts. No flights!
  9. NOLA cruisepost is a nightmare! First, it is too small to handle the large ships. It is the homeport of another cruiseline which sails the same itinerary as the Breakaway so there can be thousands of passengers coming and going at the same time. We arrived a day early and took the shuttle from the hotel, which was nice, but had to suffer for hours in the terminal to get on the ship. Getting off was also as bad- complete and total chaos and it took forever to get to the exit doors - - and trying to get a taxi to get to our hotel - unreal. I am just glad we were not flying home on that day but staying for a few days in NOLA. We were on the same itinerary as you are and ours was over the Christmas holiday. We had a wonderful time on the ship! Just pack a LOT of patience for embark and disembarkation at that termnal.
  10. Many of the Boston/Canada sailings have had itinerary changes because NCL just won't cancel. This is what I wrote a few weeeks ago: _The NCL Joy is sitting in Bermuda during a tropical storm which is the remnant of Idalia. She left NY on 8/30/23 even though Franklin and Idalia were posing active threats to Bermuda. Last year I was rerouted to Canada for basically a non-existent hurricane which actually followed our path up the coast to Canada with wicked winds. (Newport, Portland & St. John's), Who makes these decisions? The Joy sat in Bermuuda lashed to the dock for 2 days battered by wind and rain. No fun.
  11. A bad day in Bermuda is better than a good day at home.😊
  12. The NCL Joy is sitting in Bermuda during a tropical storm which is the remnant of Idalia. She left NY on 8/30/23 even though Franklin and Idalia were posing active threats to Bermuda. Last year I was rerouted to Canada for basically a non-existent hurricane which actually followed our path up the coast to Canada with wicked winds. (Newport, Portland & St. John's), Who makes these decisions?
  13. I hope the new CEO listens to his repeat customers and initiates changes that benefit the guest, I have been cruising with NCL since 2001 and there have been many changes just over the past 5 years. For example, 60 free internet minutes were included in the Latitudes rewards for certain tier levels. Now, Free Internet is included with the Free At Sea promotions. What BS - we always book the Sailaway rate and received certain perks through our tier level (free internet, 4 Specialty Restaurant dinners, etc.), Many room amenities and touches are gone - no tubes of lotion, no welcoming champagne, no evening turndown service. I understand cutbacks since COVID but we are paying more for less. Paying attention to small details is important. We recently sailed on the GEM and it was a great cruise - we love the GEM! I can only say that the food in the Garden Cafe was not what we expected - many cutbacks and items unavailable. Also, during the last 3 days of the cruise - the ship was out of many items. The Thai Orchid was using their Lunch Menu at dinner because many dinner items were unavailable. Bananas, oranges and bagels were MIA. We did have an extra sea day due to an itineray change but I don't think that impacted the food situation. I hope Mr. Herrera addresses the customer service issues that many of us have encountered, the quality of the food, and the Latitudes Rewards program. Bring back the 60 free internet minutes!
  14. Both the NCL Getaway and Gem have bypassed Bermuda this week The Getaway went to Miami for its last port of call and the Gem is heading strait to New York. Does anyone know why these changes are happening?
  15. The NCL Gem is also bypassing Bermuda and is heading back to New York. Bermuda was supposed to be the last port of call this week. That is 2 ships this week. What is going on? ..
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