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  1. @bombarc Ok and same itinerary for us. I didn't think there would be an alternative with Bermuda cut at the beginning - and like you said, plenty to do and good that any extra day will be in hopefully warmer weather! Thanks again! We didn't pre-book the arcade but were planning on doing that, and kids club when we get on! This will be all of our first time - so we are excited and will make the most of it!
  2. @bombarc Thanks! When that happened last time - was it two sea days down to your second planned stop? In our case it will be St. Maarten. Just curious if we bypass Bermuda - what the travel time down to new first stop would be. Good luck on your trip the following week!
  3. Will do for sure! We have two little ones (9 and 6) - who are beyond excited....so I am honestly not worried about finding fun on the ship and enjoying those amenities. We leave on Friday! Wish us good weather and easy sailing - I have every possible sea sickness remedy just in case (bands, bonine, dramamine, patches)! I will definitely check back in - maybe after we return if the WIFI isn't great - and update everyone so they have some intel for the future. Thanks for the quick reply.
  4. @3sisters - thank you! This will be our first time on the Getaway. And really first time cruising. Did a Boston to Bermuda 5 day many many years ago. First traditional island hopping cruise. I am not so concerned about missing Bermuda - as I've been there but also the weather isn't great like the other islands. That was my concern - since Bermuda is so much farther away from the other islands. I couldn't imagine Bahamas or Florida would give us enough time to get back over to St. Maarten. We will of course make the most of it. I'm not so excited for what I assume will now be two full days at sea to get to our second (now first stop) St. Maarten.....or is it three?
  5. Hello - I am wondering if anyone has any idea how NCL might change up the 10 day Southern Caribbean cruise itinerary if they cancel Bermuda. Currently the plan is to have Bermuda be the first stop which breaks up the days at sea. The sailing this week (Feb 6) had the reverse itinerary with Bermuda scheduled to be the last stop and instead due to weather they stopped in the Bahamas on the way down and stayed a few more hours longer in St. Thomas - with three days at sea on the way home instead of the planned two. Our sailing has Bermuda first, then St. Maarten, Tortola, San Juan and Puerto Plata. I can't figure out how they would change that up if they had to cancel Bermuda first. Wondering if anyone has any insight.
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