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  1. If this were my home town, I could tell you exactly what happened. Town orders 1,000 lbs of choice beef, vendor delivered 1,000 lbs of cutter beef. Towns says whoops, pays the higher price and never asks for the difference (which will later show up in cash in an envelope). Everyone is happy except the poor kids trying to eat the mystery meat!
  2. Deanne, Thevfirst night we ate as a group in the Savor restaurant. I ordered the oven roasted beef, what came out looked like a New York strip. It took me a few minutes to cut through it, it was gray inside and practically unchewable. The server came around and some of my friends were sending back their entrees, so I asked him if I could get the meat medium. He looked at it and said I got the wrong meal. What came next was just as tough as the first one. One of my friends at the table sold meat to restaurants for over 20 years. He said there are 8 grades of meat, and what we were served was either the lowest or the next higher. Basically, meat used for cheap hamburger. That was my first experience with gray meat. The buffet was not much better, very limited choices, especially for vegetables. I had high hopes for Gagney’s, but that experience was ruined by the manager. After seating us with the rest of our group, he announced in a very load voice that we must pay for our meal (no one else in our group had to pay). My friends were already sending food back and my fiancé was so embarrassed (he made us feel like freeloaders) that we walked out. I really believe that NCL knew there were a lot of cancellations and tried to save some money by cleaning out the refrigerator. My fiancé has a large presence on social media and is not shy when she feels cheated.
  3. Okay, so according to Deanne, since I had travel insurance, I could have canceled this trip to no where and gotten all my money back. Good to know! Thanks, Deanne! Did anyone else notice at the bottom of the change of itinerary message that if you did not get this message, call the number below. So, if I didn’t get the message, I would somehow know to call this number listed as the bottom of the message I didn’t receive? Sounds logical to me….
  4. Maybe as an employee you get better service. My problem with Cagney’s is that my travel agent told us that we got one ‘premium specialty restaurant’. After we were seated with the rest of our group of 12, we were told that only we were required to pay for our meal. Unfortunately, the manager did this in a way that made us sound like dead beats and embarrassed us in front of everyone in the dining room. And I am sorry, there is a difference in meat well done and beef that has turned gray. I am sure that if this ‘beef’ was served to you, you would tell your NCL managers that this is unacceptable.
  5. The same thing happened to us. 10 hours notice! I guess NCL doesn’t have the ability to track the weather forecast, maybe they can add the weather channel to their tv line up. Nice try Deanne on check your spam folder, nothing like blaming the customers for your failure to communicate. Your choice of ports, crappy food is beyond poor, it borders on bait and switch. And when you talk to your bosses at NCL, tell them they need to splurge on a pocket thermometer for their ‘chef’ before someone gets food poisoning. NCL- never again, not even for free. Customers beware.
  6. The same thing happened to us- booked for Bermuda, changed to Newport, RI, Portland, ME and St John, NB. NCL gave us 10 hour notice! Luckily we were still home and could repack with warmer clothes. Then spent 2 hours online to be able to enter Canada just to find out most everything is closed on Sunday. As a fellow Navy vet, I can tell you the food we were served was so bad (gray beef) that if this was a Navy ship, the cook wouldn’t have dared to go on deck at night. I will never make this mistake again!
  7. First time on an NCL cruise and the food was terrible. On the buffet, the beef was so overcooked that if you could cut it, it was gray inside (cutting it was very difficult with the knives provided). Can someone tell me if this is typical of NCL? Now, I don’t expect Angus on the buffet, but this wasn’t even choice (the cheapest cut in supermarkets), this was like the beef you make cheap hamburger out of. And the beef in the Savor restaurant was just as bad, I sent one back and the second one was inedible. Gave up and had dessert. One night they served steamship beef, at least that wasn’t cooked to death. What am I missing here?
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