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  1. Hey Cruising Caribbean, you must have never been to Labadee. It is a private section on the northern tip of the nation that Royal has control of. There are no excursions other than water based that leave the protected area. It is fenced off from the rest of the island and has reasonably heavy security at the entry points. The only time that a Royal guest is off the property is if they are riding the shuttle for the zip line up to the top of the mountain via the road that borders the Royal property. So, there are no random taxis or areas to roam around in that may be unsafe. The reason I started this tread in the first place way back was in the event that the locals overran the gates when the unrest first started as we had a cruise scheduled to stop there.
  2. Hey Cruising, that was sarcasm, not a compliment. Carnival is the worst for kids running wild. For the most part the parents that book a "family" vacation on a Carnival ship are looking for someone to babysit their brood for a week so they don't have too! The last Carnival we were on there were 4 young teens in the room next to ours that were unsupervised as their parents were staying in another cabin halfway down the hall. The walls were shaking all night every night and reporting it to the ship made no difference in the behavior, if anything, it got worse! Carnival equals "Walmart" cruising! Pajamas in the main dinning room, people breaking in line at shows, and all around bad behavior. Carnival has unfortunately been it's own worst enemy in this subject.
  3. You know, It isn't just a problem on Royal. In fact, I have found that Royal is probably more responsive than the rest. Why don't you try Carnival next time and see just how much you enjoy the joys of unsupervised children! Just sayin'!
  4. You should be on the phone Royal Caribbean ASAP. Thay will probably reroute you to a nearby port for the cruise.
  5. This just in.... Dear Guest, Due to the evolving situation in Haiti, we’ll now visit Nassau, Bahamas, instead of Labadee, Haiti. We’re terribly sorry for the last-minute change – your safety is our top priority. Nevertheless, we’re excited to explore a new port with you! Below, please find our revised Allure of the Seas April 29th, 2024, itinerary. Date Day Port of Call Arrive Depart 4/29/24 Mon Orlando (Port Canaveral), Florida 4:00 PM 4/30/24 Tue Cruising 5/1/24 Wed Nassau, Bahamas 7:00 AM 6:00 PM 5/2/24 Thu Cruising 5/3/24 Fri Orlando (Port Canaveral), Florida 6:30 AM Your Day in Nassau In Nassau, lounge like a local at Junkanoo Beach and sip on tasty Bahama Mamas under clear skies. Get a more hands-on maritime adventure by taking a short boat ride to Pearl Island and spend the day kayaking, paddleboarding, or playing on inflatable water obstacles. Whatever you decide to do, you’re sure to have an amazing time! Shore Excursions Any pre-paid Royal Caribbean International shore excursions booked for Labadee will automatically be refunded to your original form of payment. In the meantime, you can browse all the exciting shore excursion options for your sailing in My Royal Cruise to level up your vacation. Feel free to use this letter for insurance purposes. Thank you for your understanding. We can’t wait to welcome you onboard Allure of the Seas! That's just fine with us since it's been a while since we were in Nassau.
  6. Our cruise isn't until April 29th so as of yet, we are still showing Labadee as our destination. Our fingers are crossed that we head to Coco Cay instead. Thanks for asking Emrys!
  7. Well, according to the news this morning, Labadee is off the schedule for the next week or so. Good move RCL!
  8. Ok, here's to the elephant in the room. Is anybody concerned about the problems in Haiti right now? My wife and I have a cruise next month on the Allure and the only stop is at Labadee. I We have been there before and I know that there is only a chain link fence separating the port and the rest of the country. What's the chances that Royal will divert this cruise to Coco Cay or some real port? Any thoughts?
  9. Has anyone noticed that since the ICON arrived in Ponce that its location does not show up on the ship tracker map anymore? I didn't know that they had the option to turn off their location beacons that way. I know that according to the articles on them arriving there that they would be spending a few days in that port awaiting the arrival of their new crew members and finishing up some details and I am just wanting to watch the progress to Miami for the first time.
  10. Looks like they fixed the map! Thanks Cruise Hive!
  11. Has anyone noticed that the cruise ship tracker map has changed? I can't find the "filter" button anymore and I can't filter out to just get "passenger" vessels. Anybody got an idea??
  12. Having cruised with Royal for many years, I can honestly say that I can only think of a couple of meals that were not "decent". Sounds like there might have been too many lemons used in the meal choices on that cruise!
  13. My wife and I were on a Carnival cruise in November of '22 and the whole "lower rungs" thing was on displayed. In the cabin next to us was several young teenagers staying un- supervised as their parents were staying down the passageway a good distance from the kids. There was yelling and loud music and bumping into the wall on the other side of our headboard at all hours of the night! We mentioned it to the steward but nothing was done. You could hear them running up and down the hallway the whole voyage. We decided that since we were going on a Royal ship a week after we got back that we would just call it a common Carnival "Wal-Mart" cruise due to the cost of what we ended up paying for our cabin and just related it to what we see at the local Walmart store all of the time.
  14. It's the old "shallow end of the gene pool"!
  15. It seems to me that some people's "entitlement" has gotten to the point that they just don't give a flip about anybody else and can do whatever the hell they want!
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