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NCL Itinerary Changes

Kendall James-Vargas

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Norwegian Cruise Line has announced several Greek Isles itinerary changes for upcoming cruises. The cruise line didn't give any explanation why the changes were made. It seems like the cruise line has made many itinerary shifts due to environmental factors, such as reducing its carbon footprint.

Does anyone have any insight as to why these changes have occurred? The constant changes seem to be continually disappointing loyal guests.

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I went on the cruise Norwegian Escape it's very disappointed with all the changes that was made while we were at sea for support that we were supposed to stop at we didn't for someone known reason I just heard that there was something going on at the Port that we were supposed to go into and we weren't allowed that's the first port so instead they took us to Nassau Bahamas I believe that ended up being like a 3-hour stay which we didn't get out there's really nothing to see in the Bahamas then another report we were supposed to stop at c a y we didn't stop at that Port either related to the factor they said that the waves were too choppy for the tender to take us over to the port so here we are back at Sea again staying at sea that we didn't see yes I get it I understand you can't play with Mother Nature however frustrating part about it is three other ships that were out with us we're able to go into port and people were getting off on the tender go into the island we stayed out and see it was really no complementary things being done for us and then also we had a man on board that had a heart attack we tried doing CPR on them had to call in help from the island besides the help that was supposed to be at bored to revive him which was unsuccessful he passed away had to be taken out in the body bag family to follow it's very sad which was a 4-Hour delay leaving the port no compensation was given to us you have to change the itinerary two times we were out at sea most of our whole trip we paid extra for the Wi-Fi pack and was told that we could use our phones which I did and ended up with a $300 phone bill from my phone company not knowing why because all this time I thought I was covered I really didn't think they had that much fun things for older adults to do as far as activities are concerned.the best I love to do is casino,the smell of smokers was discussed. Why would they allowed people to smoke.they should have a smoking rm.let each other blow the cancer smoke around to each other.another thing I couldn't do.very unfair to us that they didn't have smokers room. they had a cigar.rm to smoke cigars ,which doesn't bother us, non smoking people.we also bought bar package.the drinks were so watered.down.food was good.entertaiment was fair.Ive been on many different  cruises never have I been on Norwegine lines.we were not happy campers.The only thing that saved us was having a beautiful balcony my husband played his guitar, sang

The guest on either side of us joined in.so we had our.own 3 balcony   party.I was disappointed in many ways.no more Norwegian causing for us.no compensation for anything fir us.Sad but true.my husband and I very disappointed. We sailed ESCAPE from port Canaveral 1/7 thru 1/14.,The crew were very nice our rooms kept clean.that was a,+++.Hoping future passengers have a good sailing. Thank you.Linda Reiss/Tim Gray


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@Linda Reiss Thanks for sharing your experience! It's truly such a shame you had to experience all of these changes to your pre-scheduled itinerary. The weather definitely seemed to play a factor in some of these changes. I can't believe you only had three hours at Nassau! It's hard to do any exploring with such a limited amount of time there. 

What a sad experience! That's so upsetting someone ended up passing during your Norwegian Escape itinerary. It just brings such grief during what is supposed to be a relaxing cruise vacation.

I hope your phone company shows you grace and refunds you some of that! I always try to put my phone on airplane mode and turn on the Wi-Fi to make sure it isn't using any roaming service. Out of networks calls/messages are very costly!

Unfortunately, many cruise lines do allow smoking in the casino. I have been through some non-smoking casinos, and I do prefer those. The smoke absorbs in the walls and carpeting so it's hard to avoid. 

I love that you brought a guitar onboard! My husband plays guitar, but he has never thought to bring it on our cruise vacation. Do you usually carry it on with you?

I'm glad the cruise staff was pleasant! It makes the experience so much better. I also love Port Canaveral. Some of the beach restaurants at the port are delicious! 

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