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Ever feel like you're being ripped off?

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So, we had a cruise booked out of Miami foe March 2020, the brown stuff hit the fan, and was understandably cancelled, fair enough.

NCL offered us a full refund or a 125% voucher for further sailing. We like cruising, we know we will sail once things get back to normal, so we took the voucher. Understanding the voucher was valid till end of 2022. Fair enough.

So as things start to get back to normal we booked another cruise, with the voucher, sailing out of Rome late Sept 2022. 

With about 3 months before our cruise, NCL cancel it, the ship needs dry docked for some reason. Fair enough.

We made alternate arrangement for our annual holiday, off to a Devon cottage late sept.

But now, instead of issuing us with another future cruise voucher, they just return us the original voucher valid until Dec 2022. So we just thought we would book a cruise for next year before the voucher expires end of this year.

But Wait!!

NCL are now saying the cruise must be TAKEN before Dec 22!!!!

I've already booked or taken all my vacation days for this year, plus I work for an Amazon sub-contractor which doesn't allow time off from Nov to Jan. So I've been informed be NCL that they just get to keep nearly £3,000 of my money.

Now I love cruising with NCL, their crew and staff are excellent, but because of this, instead of spending £2,000 or £3,000 with them every year or so, they will never get another penny from me.



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It would be better to have these changes communicated in email form or even a chat, so when you go after customer support you have something to show them and will strengthen your cause for a dispute. You need to something to back up your claim to make sure they'd be pressured to do right by you.  It is not right that they change rules every time they see fit, but when they do they should also pay up for missed cruises, but we need something to back us up.  To win, it is all about documentation.

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Ncl is not person favorite cruise line after the waiters and other cruise staff. Try and contact them to talk about what happened to you and they tell you at least an hour and no call you have to wait

 In my situationy wife was sick and would normally would buy insurance but I knew if I  needed to use it.eant bad news. Booked in January for her 60th birthday by july dr. Sain she couldn't go so i tried to chane for future cruise and they said more or less tough s___. I wasn't getting anything from them then after 3rd call they gave a 1500$ cruise credit out of i believe 8500$ and they said i should be happy with that. This was after she passed away o know i should have taken insurance but i gambled and she lost but ncl since has gotten worse. I didn't get anything for a covid canceled vruise at least you did

 Just cruised prima and like ypu they won't see another dime because of cancelations plural . Couldn't see show's because pf their new floorplan to overcrowded  and more pf these ships to come

There's always celebrity  cruise line highly recommend them. Cheers!



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its a shame that Paul M hasn't been back since he started this post unless he's been back as a guest but I would have suggested like DeanneB that he first appealed by email. He did have a 3 month warning about the ship going into dry dock, so that would mean he probably was informed in July. He made the decision to have a family holiday in Devon, but he would probably have had time to get a last minute cruise using his voucher for September or even October. However if they still said they would not extend the voucher he could have made a post + each member of his family on the NCL Facebook page and also appealed on twitter. Might possibly get some support by others, who knows. I also don't think he was " ripped off " and don't think he should use that term again as it wouldn't help his case with NCL & maybe being polite explaining it wasn't his fault the cruise he was booked on was cancelled, can achieve the right result, although I have heard NCL customer services can be unhelpful.

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