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  1. We had our Sept cruise cancelled which was paid with a voucher from another cancelled cruise. the original voucher was dated for the end of Dec 22. They just reissued the same voucher still dated Dec 22. Its impossible to move my vacation dates from what we booked off for the cruise, so now NCL just get to keep my money. Great custom service. I'm pretty sure that my £3,000 means more to me than them. Will defiantly book again, and I'll recommend you to everyone I know.....NOT!!!
  2. So, we had a cruise booked out of Miami foe March 2020, the brown stuff hit the fan, and was understandably cancelled, fair enough. NCL offered us a full refund or a 125% voucher for further sailing. We like cruising, we know we will sail once things get back to normal, so we took the voucher. Understanding the voucher was valid till end of 2022. Fair enough. So as things start to get back to normal we booked another cruise, with the voucher, sailing out of Rome late Sept 2022. With about 3 months before our cruise, NCL cancel it, the ship needs dry docked for some reason. Fair enough. We made alternate arrangement for our annual holiday, off to a Devon cottage late sept. But now, instead of issuing us with another future cruise voucher, they just return us the original voucher valid until Dec 2022. So we just thought we would book a cruise for next year before the voucher expires end of this year. But Wait!! NCL are now saying the cruise must be TAKEN before Dec 22!!!! I've already booked or taken all my vacation days for this year, plus I work for an Amazon sub-contractor which doesn't allow time off from Nov to Jan. So I've been informed be NCL that they just get to keep nearly £3,000 of my money. Now I love cruising with NCL, their crew and staff are excellent, but because of this, instead of spending £2,000 or £3,000 with them every year or so, they will never get another penny from me.
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