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  1. Please demonstrate that they are not being honest! ABB equipped Norwegian Breakaway with a complete electric system, including two 17.5 MW Azipod XO propulsion units. This gives the ship a top speed of 22.5 knots and a cruising speed of 21.5 knots. If the propulsion issue was with one of the Azipods while at sea, and the ship was able to obtain necessary parts once back at the home port, it is entirely logical that repairs could be made between successive cruises.
  2. So what "crew member privileges" are being restricted? OP's post does not define this nor provide documentation of that assertion. This is the only post that suggests what the restrictions are, but again no concrete evidence of that. Lots of first time posters - I'm guessing all bots. And anyway, paying customers should not have to compete with crew to utilize any of the facilities or services of the ship. Pools, spas, food services are already too crowded most times. They are there to work, not recreate. On the Bermuda cruise I just left, crew were clearly given time to get off the ship for R&R, which is certainly reasonable.
  3. And for those that claim NCL's customer service never responds to passenger inquiries, I received a call from corporate yesterday acknowledging my message to them wherein I pointed out NCL's communications with Nov. 19th Joy passengers was incorrect regarding Bermuda's travel policies. They acknowledged their mistake and indicated their intention to reach out to passengers with a revised update.
  4. "Effective November 14 2022, travel authorizations will no longer be required to enter Bermuda. Visitors travelling to Bermuda from November 14 onwards do not need to apply for a travel authorization." Check the Bermuda Govt. website for confirmation.
  5. Curious @Joywhy you would respond to a 9-month old thread? The world has passed you by.
  6. We sailed the Jade in July and its condition was excellent. Because we had a large aft balcony, it was one of the largest cabins we have had on NCL. We were able to have breakfast in Cagney's daily - totally uncrowded! Shows were good; staff excellent; daily excursions well organized. All-in-all, the cruise was great. I particularly like the Jewel-class ships.
  7. You are right @Blue Shirt. I had a complete cruise itinerary changed from Eastern Caribbean to Western Caribbean, i.e., all ports changed to ones we were not interested in visiting. But, after getting over the shock, we set about to make the best of the scheduled ports, one of which was also missed due to an onboard medical emergency. Ship happens - Sail on! No bellyaching.
  8. Hmm. Let's see what you "signed up for:" "NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE Guest Ticket Contract 1. Definitions: This Contract is between the Carrier and the Guest. 2. The Contract: The Guest agrees that this Contract governs the relationship between the Guest and the Carrier,... 7. Vessel and Voyage: (c) Itinerary Deviation: The Guest agrees that the Carrier has the sole discretion and liberty to direct the movements of the vessel, including ...; deviate from the purchased voyage or the normal course for any purpose, including, without limitation, ... cancel any scheduled call at any port for any reason and at any time before, during or after sailing of the vessel; omit, advance or delay landing at any scheduled or advertised port; ..." Moreover, if you "overpaid to begin with,..." that is entirely on you. Finally, "And, there’re [sic] also banking on more casino time instead of being at a port." Well, we'll be looking for the proof of that statement. Have a nice cruise!
  9. Or call your favorite TA who will certainly be able to find out.
  10. Thanks for posting the definition. So many have forgotten (or deliberately ignore) the true purpose of tipping. As @RoadTravelledopined, a true tip is earned and is in recognition of superior service. A Daily Service Charge is not a tip or gratuity IMHO - it is a fee. Thankfully, there is still some latitude with some cruise lines to reflect your true impressions of the staff's performance. When I get great service, the staff member will know it and be able to continue to set an example for their colleagues.
  11. And just how is that being "sneaky?" It sounds to me like they have an equipment issue and cannot make two ports as a result of the speeds they are able to maintain. That is being up front on the issue @mt234.
  12. Well yes and no @DeanneB. True, NCL's Unlimited Open Bar Beverage Package (if purchased outright) is currently priced at $99 per person per day, excluding gratuities, and will increase to $109 per person per day in January. Now let's compare the outright price of an equivalent beverage package on RCCL and CCL. RCCL: The Deluxe Beverage package costs between $48 - $79 per guest, per night (excluding gratuity) if purchased in advance. The price will be higher if purchased onboard, usually between $63 - $89.00 per guest, per night, again excluding gratuity. CCL: CCL's Cheers package is $51.95 to $54.95/person/day (excluding gratuity) if purchased in advance and $56.95 to $59.95/person/day (excluding gratuity) if purchased onboard. So yes, on the surface, NCL is more expensive. But, a majority of NCL's clients receive their beverage package as part of a bundled "Free At Sea" package for the price of $19.80/person/day, which is equivalent to the 20% gratuity they charge on the package. Looking more deeply: Only NCL knows what beverage package cost is buried within every one of their cruise fares, if any. Individual drink pricing varies between the three major cruise lines, so it is tough to compare on a per drink basis. RCCl's package covers drinks up to $13/ea; NCL's up to $15/ea and CCL's up to $20/ea with a drink limit. And then there is the fact that NCL, CCL and RCCL have fundamentally different pricing models for their cruises and amenities. Thus far, analysts tell us NCL is doing better financially when compared to their competition, still achieving booking goals despite higher pricing. That is good for shareholders, but maybe not so good for casual cruisers. So this a bit of an apples-to-oranges comparison. I maintain that cruisers ought to evaluate the cost of their cruise vacation based on the total of the costs, direct and indirect, vs. the experience they will receive, to assess the 'best value' for their cruise dollar. Evaluating this solely upon the beverage package price (which I know you did not assert) is false economics IMHO. Cheers!
  13. This was the rule from the day they issued the FCC to you. Use it or lose it. NCL is holding up their end of the deal YOU agreed to. No rip off!
  14. Well if you are looking to encounter disappointments on your upcoming cruise, maybe, just maybe, you are not approaching this cruise with the right mindset. @FJB's sarcasm was so appropriate.
  15. Sorry you did not enjoy your meal(s) on NCL @Pete the Greek, but I have a hard time buying your story. If you went to Cagney's, you know that is a specialty restaurant with an additional charge unless you have the Specialty Dining Package or a Latitudes dinner perk. If you had neither, it was proper for the server to inform you of the additional charge. Because he did not whisper this in your ear is not a valid complaint IMHO. If he as addressing the table at large, there is nothing unusual or untoward about his actions. Moreover, grading the meat after it is cooked is purely speculative. Did you confirm the grade of meat with the Restaurant Manager or Maître D'? Did you even speak with either? Additionally, asserting "NCL knew there were a lot of cancellations and tried to save some money by cleaning out the refrigerator" is equally specious. It sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder regarding this cruise. You're welcome to your opinion about NCL's food. I have found the majority of my meals onboard NCL to be quite good - not much different than meals eaten on other ships or restaurants in general. Indeed, one of the worst meals I've had was in a popular restaurant in Athens Greece recently. But I'm not going to go on a travel site and broadly slam all food in Greece. I believe, "over smaak valt niet te twisten."
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