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  1. Ncl is not person favorite cruise line after the waiters and other cruise staff. Try and contact them to talk about what happened to you and they tell you at least an hour and no call you have to wait In my situationy wife was sick and would normally would buy insurance but I knew if I needed to use it.eant bad news. Booked in January for her 60th birthday by july dr. Sain she couldn't go so i tried to chane for future cruise and they said more or less tough s___. I wasn't getting anything from them then after 3rd call they gave a 1500$ cruise credit out of i believe 8500$ and they said i should be happy with that. This was after she passed away o know i should have taken insurance but i gambled and she lost but ncl since has gotten worse. I didn't get anything for a covid canceled vruise at least you did Just cruised prima and like ypu they won't see another dime because of cancelations plural . Couldn't see show's because pf their new floorplan to overcrowded and more pf these ships to come There's always celebrity cruise line highly recommend them. Cheers!
  2. Hello i just cruised ncl prima, if you're only going to drink 7 to 14 drinks probably 150.00 or so beer is 6$ plus tip. I got soda package for son definitely worth it. But 800 for a week or so is insane. Norwegian now upcharges for certain liquor, only a buck but still crazy.
  3. Anyone else not impressed with the prima. Ncl squeezed more people into less space than they say, always turning around because of one way streets. Have a bigger pool at my house i think ! Don't try and get into a specialty restaurant unless you book now for a future cruise like January. I still have my platinum plan passes for restaurants. And if want to see a show book often and early. Been on many ncl cruises this was worst. If went on oct . 10 cruise let me know what you think. Also make sure you get up early for breakfast this seems to be the meal that there is just no time for , ends early.
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