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I booked a cruise but before I paid I asked about if something came up and had to cancel could I get my money back and was told yes. I had to cancel in two days ,I  called to cancel and was told that I would only get a portion back. I don't know if you believe in God like I do. He is working out my problem with this cruise line for deceiving the consumers. I hope that they are fined double for their crime.

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@Minnie  Do you know how many days before the sailing you have canceled?  You can also check if the reservation is non-refundable.  Generally, the cheaper the ticket is (for promotions) is more difficult to refund.  The refund you can get will depend on how far or how close you are to the sailing date.  The closer you are to the sailing date the lesser refund you are to receive.    You can see the link here for Carnival refund policy: 


After reading the policy, you can go ahead and call the agent you booked your cruise with.  If you bought travel insurance, you can also call them to see if they can refund you cruise due to cancellation.

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The cruise line will refund you whatever you are entitled to. While you may not have read it, you agree to a contract that does spell out cancellation penalties when you booked. Contracts matter, the cruise line is just following the contract you agreed to with them. Your magic sky voyeur that watches you pee doesn't care about your money that is currently tied up with the cruise line.

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