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  1. I assume you are flying into Orlando. Take a look at the cost of renting a car and dropping it off in Canaveral. The car rental companies have shuttles in Canaveral between their locations and the port. For hotels, I've stayed at multiple Hilton properties in Canaveral and Cocoa. The Homewood Suites is where I usually stay, there is a brewery a very short walk from it thats good enough to spend a couple hours at if you want cheaper drinks than you can get at their pool bar.
  2. Well, you asked for my call. I call you uninformed. Stocks will not soar. Changing covid protocols don't affect their massive debt load.
  3. In 2019 Hurricane Dorian nearly cancelled a cruise I had booked. It was shortened and delayed from a 4 day to a 2 day, and had the option to cancel with full refund. That's what I did, and rebooked it for a few weeks later. Luckily I had that flexibility. If you book a Caribbean cruise during hurricane season, you need to be willing to either have that kind of flexibility, or accept that your vacation may end up cancelled. I'm sure you will not be cancelled, as that generally only happens when a storm is bearing down on a ship's home port. But these things happen. Avoid summer/early fall if you don't like the possibility of hurricanes disrupting your plans.
  4. It should be earlier than that. All parties with children should be required to have early seating dinner. Once dinner is over, children must be in their cabin within an hour.
  5. It depends on the sailing. Often times it is on more than just one night. If you book it, you will find out when yours is being held once on board.
  6. I can't remember with certainty, but I think you are able to check in at midnight of the time zone of the port of departure. Either that, or midnight of eastern time. In either case, for you, yes it would be 11pm.
  7. If you don't know the 1000s of different opinions on it, you obviously have been living off the internet and away from society for the last couple of years. Welcome back!
  8. Being unvaxed is not a protected class. Crying about discrimination does nothing but make you sound like a petulant child. Sad.
  9. Plenty of cruise lines are changing policies, quite often, in fact. Check out a cruise line's website to get the latest, it's that e-z!
  10. Strange, after testing positive, the cruise line isolates you to attempt to keep spread under control? Who would've guessed! Hope you feel better soon, unfortunate that your vacation was interrupted.
  11. The cruise line will refund you whatever you are entitled to. While you may not have read it, you agree to a contract that does spell out cancellation penalties when you booked. Contracts matter, the cruise line is just following the contract you agreed to with them. Your magic sky voyeur that watches you pee doesn't care about your money that is currently tied up with the cruise line.
  12. You may need to call customer service. If you call now, you may reach them before your cruise!
  13. Ok, consider it moved! Please remit payment to Carnival Cruise LIne for infrastructure installation, and secure all necessary permits as well.
  14. The next fifth Tuesday of the fourth month of a year divisible by 73. That's my guess.
  15. If you have an item available to fill out on the Carnival website, it's fine to fill out as soon as it shows up. You will get more health forms as you near the cruise. Any time you get an email about needing to do something from Carnival, log in and check "My To-Do List." If it's too early to fill out, Carnival won't have it show up for you.
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