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TikTok Picks your Vacation?

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TikTok is definitely not going to influence my decision-making because I don't have this social media platform! If I had to guess, I think that cruising is dominating due to the diversity of options and the low, all-inclusive price point. Maybe this is why so many cruise ships are filling up and booking out quickly even though the prices are becoming more and more inflated. 

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It wouldn't influence me to be honest, but i can see why something like that can help people make their decisions. It probably hasn't been the first time, media or social accounts have influenced people. We've always had it, just now it's changed to Tiktok.

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Social media definitely influences the travel market! Depending on the number of advertisements and media presence each cruise line has will also determine its desirability to many. In the United States, many of my friends and family automatically assume you either cruise with Carnival Cruise Line or Royal Caribbean Line. Obviously, that mentality doesn't apply to me, but it's a very common, close-minded approach to cruise travel. As a novice cruiser, this may be a great introduction to the cruise experience, but with much experience, you will find that branching out to different lives gives you such a broadened taste for novelty experiences that many of the larger-scale cruise lines don't always offer. In other words, social media may attract and influence the masses, but using forums like this one for raw, unfiltered feedback, is truly the most honest and natural way to choose a cruise vacation based on informed, uninfluenced decision-making. 

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