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Mandates lifted

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When will people be allowed to travel that have not been vaccinated? Myself, my husband and my son all have had covid twice and had antibody test and have high immunity to virus our doctor said probably higher than if we had the vaccinations. We have natural immunity and this should be an option for cruise travelers that can provide an antibody test to prove they have immunity just like vaccinated people.

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YES... This is my question . Carnival has rejected my medical exemption, I have the anti bodies... 5 cruises cancelled.. I'm safer than anyone with the vaccine... Or how about a non vax cruise if you can show anti bodies. Maybe it's time to file a class action suit .. I'm so sick of waiting for people to come to their senses.. why has natural immunity been recognize for centuries but not now??  Come on carnival answer me..

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Quit listening to charlatans, protect yourself, your family, and society, get vaccinated.

No antibodies<antibodies<antibodies+vaccine. Even the Pope has been vaccinated. Sorry, you are NOT special. You are NOT smarter and a 'free thinker.' You buy into fear and anger from charlatans, that's all.

If you want to cruise and not be vaccinated, tough luck. There is a reason 'outbreaks' on ships are so well contained, and case severity is so low. It's a single reason, vaccines.

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