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  1. Holland America has just increased its gratuities too! We should have bets on which cruise line is next!
  2. Unless you're cruising in Australia, you should be fine. I also think that Australia will soon ease the protocols again.
  3. I also don't think the protocols will make a return! But you should still take out travel insurance no matter what!
  4. @Blue Shirt, Virgin Voyages is best when it comes to being comfortable! They have the hammocks! They look super comfy!
  5. @Blue Shirt are there any more ships impacted?
  6. Weather related maybe? If so, not really their fault.
  7. With everything being so fluid, it's not really a surprise. When was that news?
  8. Have you checked your Manage Booking area? It should be updated in there.
  9. It's nice to see more MSC cruise ships come to the US, especially their newest ships.
  10. After reading about the Norwegian Escape resuming from Port Canaveral over the weekend, I saw the livery design and I do think it's one of my favorites! Was just thinking which is your favorite livery across the NCL ships?
  11. John Heald said on his live post this morning that the January 6 cruise won't be cancelled. Not as good as Hawaii, but that would be better than breaking them all up!
  12. Wow, wonder why they did that? What ship are you sailing on? As far as I know, people are still in cabins next to each other. Will have to dig deep in all the Royal Caribbean protocols.
  13. Good question on why they changed. Don't think they gave a reason why. Maybe something to do with the port agreements.
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