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  1. @BrianF and @HuliHuli, I think it has something to do with the ship being LNG-powered. I've noticed all the LNG-powered cruise ships have these type bows. Maybe someone else who knows the technics of this could share some insights.
  2. It is a shame about the straw situation. I doubt it will change. Cruising is changing at the moment with a focus on the environment, cutting costs due to the current global markets and to make up for the pandemic. Carnival had it hard compared to the other lines.
  3. @Maureen Foster I'm sure it will get better as they start to return to more normal times.
  4. Over 800 cases now according to local media.
  5. Hey @Lesa Murray, It really does depends on the guest. many guests don't drink that much or smoke and many of the packages would not matter to them. It's also about the smoke being inhaled by non-smokers, especially children. many aspects Royal Caribbean would have to get right, which would not please everyone.
  6. Hey @Blue Shirt, I stopped at Lisbon many years ago during a Carnival cruise. It was such a nice city. I didn't do any tours that day, just spent my time walking around and exploring the downtown area.
  7. I don't like the sound of a solo cruise. I think eating and evening entertainment would not be so fun. I guess for some, it's good, especially with a busy lifestyle at home.
  8. Australia is still closed to cruise ships. Cruise lines are working with the authorities on resuming, but there is no set date yet.
  9. I've never heard of geocaches before I saw your post! The Caves looks interesting. Try going seeing if there is any bus service route for the Bahamas.
  10. I would call Royal Caribbean and explain the situation. I think they would be get that all resolved.
  11. I saw everyone was mad about that. Surely, NCL would know if the Canal was going to be busy. They should have sent the ship down earlier.
  12. Hey @Crystal, Carnival does usually put on a few activates around the ship. I think the Christmas dinner is only if you're cruising on Christmas day. A lot of the activates could also not go ahead this year because of Covid.
  13. I think the policy could be coming to an end once the CDC order goes away.
  14. Wasn't it just approved a few days ago for that age group?
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