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  1. AHollyS


    This is a more direct question. Probably answerable by a non-cacher. The Caves. (Reference : https://coord.info/GC276R6 ) How much is a taxi heading there (one way). Also it is a flat fare or a per person fare? I see that it is on the #10 bus route what is the cost of the bus? Can I use USD for that? If i do public transit how sketchy is it out of the main tourist areas?
  2. AHollyS


    For clarity, I am a very experienced geocacher. I'm looking for tips about the local scene. Like, Oh hey this tour stops at six caches or skip X,Y,Z they are dumb. Event do an even in this location not at this other spot. Also that cache you listed is for caches in Nassau county Florida, not the Bahamas. Edit for spelling.
  3. AHollyS


    Anyone geocache? Recommendations for good geocaches in Nassau? Bonus points for walk-able and near some good Guava Duff (or James Bond related stops)!
  4. Are you talking about the Stateside Vaxed vs unVaxed status bracelets or the Asian sailings tracelets?
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