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Sail without vaccines

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I sure hope so! neither myself nor my Wife have any intentions on getting this so-called vaccine. It is obviously useless as people that have taken it, as well as boosters, are still getting the virus. A vaccine is supposed to keep people from getting what they are being vaccinated against, and this shot isn't cutting the mustard.

We have purposely exposed ourselves multiple times to the various variants of COVID and neither of us have gotten even a sniffle. We take natural supplements and have strong immune systems which in my opinion is the key to fighting off any virus or illness. And I am over 50 and have type 2 diabetes, which supposedly means I am super high risk.

It is all a bunch of bunk!

We just want to get back to cruising. Stop the Communist dictator baloney and drop all the restrictions. let us cruise!!

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I use to take my family on two cruises a year. We all have natural immunity having had covid yet studies now show natural immunity is much more effective than the so called vaccine. Yet all the new cases on cruise ships are from vaccinated passengers and crew. The CDC has lifted all mandates and I understand some ports of call have their own restrictions in place. Carnival should drop this vaccine mandate and have cruises to their private islands and non restricted ports. Until then, you're not getting my money and probably a lot of other people too.

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I think all vaccine requirements should be dropped. It’s crazy to go through the exemption process and not knowing if you will be able to cruise or not. We have a religious exemptions that they are not taking anymore. We had to wait up to the last week 4 days from our sailing date in August of last week before we got the approval email statement. The next cruise that we booked the exemption request wasn’t accepted a couple month prior. We now both have had Covid that has almost 20 times more immunity than people that had the vaccination. The CDC wants to keep control over people despite the science. We have an Alaskan cruise coming up that shouldn’t even be considered to have a vaccination because we are sailing to Alaska that doesn’t have any requirements. Of course they have to hit one port of a foreign country (Canada) for a “delegated cruise requirement” but we just wouldn’t get off the ship for that port. What’s the problem?

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