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  1. It's more than unconstitutional, it defies medical science and common sense. Vaccinated passengers and crew are the ones spreading the omnicron. Cruise ship infections are a great scientific study of isolated participants and you can't blame unvaccinated people because they're not allowed on-board. Wake up people. Cruise ships companies can go broke as far as I'm concerned.
  2. From what I've read, no vaccination, no cruise. That means all the boosters too. All ships with infected people are vaccinated passengers and vaccinated crew. Totally non scientific and ridiculous. When they go broke they may realize the vaccine was a failed therapy drug with unknown future consequences.
  3. I use to take my family on two cruises a year. We all have natural immunity having had covid yet studies now show natural immunity is much more effective than the so called vaccine. Yet all the new cases on cruise ships are from vaccinated passengers and crew. The CDC has lifted all mandates and I understand some ports of call have their own restrictions in place. Carnival should drop this vaccine mandate and have cruises to their private islands and non restricted ports. Until then, you're not getting my money and probably a lot of other people too.
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