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Please help with unvaccinated guest testing questions.

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Can anyone please tell me if unvaccinated guests have to be tested again at the port before boarding even if they have a negative test results to show from two days prior on 3 day Carnival Liberty cruise? Also has anyone that is unvaccinated been able to board with the  rapid test from Walgreens Binax ID NOW? Carnival says you need PCR test which is a molecular test and so is the Binax ID NOW test.  Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m cruising on Carnival Liberty 3 day next month. Just trying to get this stuff figured out before it’s to late. Thanks! 

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I think you should call Carnival and confirm, and the community members here would just have anecdotal evidence.

I have read they are trying to roll out a testing program at the port, which would cost around $10. I think the program should be in effect by the time your cruise. https://www.cruisehive.com/carnival-cruise-line-embarkation-updates-protocols-to-remain/64407

Please consider getting vaccinated if you and your family are able to.

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From what I've read, no vaccination, no cruise. That means all the boosters too.  All ships with infected people are vaccinated passengers and vaccinated crew. Totally non scientific and ridiculous. When they go broke they may realize the vaccine was a failed therapy drug with unknown future consequences.

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On 2/15/2022 at 12:53 PM, JLJcruise06 said:

Has your vaccine exemption request been granted a month out from the cruise?

Ours was 5 days before we set sail. But this was also a during the restart of cruising at the end of July last year, so they were playing catch-up.

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