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no come back???????

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Booked a cruise through a travel agent here in AUSTRALIA in SEPT 2022 on board MSC SINFONIA leaving GENOA  APRIL 5th 2024, 16 nights  west mediterranian then back to GENOA  and round to VENICE, paid in full by the due date, then on NOV 10th 2023 found out the SINFONIA was cancelled from NOV 25th 2023 untill APRIL 15th 2024, went through all the special services required,and requested an accessable cabin, two seniors with DIABTES, and SLEEP APNEA, now with ONLY 9 weeks before our booked flights, nothing can not get a reply from our travel agents only waiting for MSC??,  is there any come back that we can contact to complain about how we have been treated by MSC and compensation for all the up evil it as caused. there must be a lot more cruisers that have been effectied by MSC total arogance in these times 

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@brian amos I'm so bummed for you! I'm also very disenchanted by how MSC Cruises has handled this entire thing. Your cruise is only 9 weeks out! There is likely no way you would be able to get a refund on your flights either. MSC Cruises still hasn't got back to you in regards to other cruise options or refunds? Your travel agents don't sound very helpful either. I would send direct emails to MSC Cruises and see how far those take you. You deserve to know what's going on with your itinerary! I wonder if anyone else on the boards has been affected by these MSC Sinfonia changes. I find the ignoring quite offensive considering you paid in full! Do you think others booked on your sailing don't know it's canceled yet?

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@Global Expeditions w Paul That's a great question. Travel protection would be very beneficial for this situation. For a well anticipated itinerary, I would always recommend purchasing travel insurance. This is a very unfortunate circumstance @brian amos is in. I would be so frustrated that the cruise line took so long to give answers. I really hope there is a good refund/compensation for this loss. 

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