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Hair Problems While Cruising

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@FJB Since I usually don't brush out my hair often, my children's service is occasionally appreciated. As we speak, one of my children is brushing out my hair. She stated (and I quote), "Why do you never brush out your hair and only do it for church?" The timing is pretty ironic! It does save money when you have a low-maintenance hairstyle. Many of my friends have to color their hair about once a month. My mom is one of those who covers her greys every three weeks. She lives out of town and stores hair coloring products under my guest bathroom sink. For those curious, I did brush out my hair for Thanksgiving, but I don't have a photo to prove it. I would much rather not get my hair done and cruise. If it costs $200- $300 per month on hair (which is pretty average for coloring your hair), I would much rather cut costs and do nothing with mine to afford cruising. Cruising is a main priority of mine! 

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@FJB That was a great comment, but yeah it is a money saver. It can also be a time saver and/or a time killer depending on the day. I'm always looking for ways to save more for cruising! In fact, I recently tried to put in a nonrefundable "deposit" for an affordable European RCL itinerary and realized it was going to cost me like 50% of the entire cruise price at the beginning of the booking. I'm so spoiled that I booked with MSC Cruises and the line gives you a 90-day before 100% refund cancellation price. There was no way I could commit to a 2025 RCL cruise itinerary and it not be 100% refundable. Life happens! There has to be some sort of refund grace period and flexibility. It is a big deterrent to booking with the line. I wish RCL didn't have such a hefty, nonrefundable cruise deposit.  

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