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I would love to take a cruise to the Mediterranean. Since you have been to the Mediterranean in the past, what are some areas you recommend not missing? There are so many ports of call to embark from; the options can be a bit overwhelming. I would prefer to fly into a region where I would enjoy a week before and possibly a week after a Mediterranean cruise. What time of year would you recommend cruising from this region? From Croatia and Italy to Greece, it's really hard to say where I would want to explore as a first-timer in Europe! I have friends who have visited Croatia and love it so much. It has always been my dream to explore Greece, but I can't imagine just going there when the surrounding areas are so amazing too! It's such a tough decision! 

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@LukeJ I hope PaulB has a great cruise too! I can't wait to hear about favorite stops and must see sights from this cruise adventure. I have heard amazing things about the Mediterranean but for now it's still a distant dream. I can only imagine the photos from this trip will be a true sight to see. Have you cruised through the Mediterranean in the past? 

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On 9/27/2023 at 2:16 PM, Cruising Caribbean said:

MSC Cruises is a great choice for those with young children! I'm not sure if you know this bust children 12 and younger cruise free. That's one of the line's biggest incentives. All of the ships offer great kid's club areas, and the line's newer ships have lots of water play areas and family-friendly amenities.  What ships are you looking into? Also, which area are you thinking of cruising? 

Depends on when you cruise. Cruised with our Grand daughter who was 3 and we had to pay for her. This was Meraviglia from Brooklyn last June.

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@Old Cruiser I didn't realize the kids cruise free offering was circumstantial. I have only cruised with my children while having an additional adult accompanying me on the same booking. I'm curious if you had to pay the full guest amount for your granddaughter because there wasn't another adult in the stateroom. If that's the case, I don't think the line should advertise kids sail free if it's not an all inclusive perk. Did you receive any discount at all for your grandchild? I have to pay the minimal port fees, gratuities, and taxes per kid, but that is nominal compared to the full cost to cruise. 

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