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NCL Dawn 10/27/2024 Athens-Tev-Aviv

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This is a dream trip for us to visit Ephesus and Jerusalem. Having Alexandria, Istanbul and some of the Greek islands is a plus. We’ve only had long flights to Brazil and Hawaii so NOT looking forward to the flights. We are taking advantage of the “2nd guest flys free” offer and know the times and airlines won’t be convenient but Austin TX is about a 2 hour drive so we’ll deal with it and plan to arrive in Athens on the 25th. Any information or recommendations on ports, the Dawn or money/cash for spending in ports will be greatly appreciated.

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@mcarab This would be such a dream itinerary for me too! The flight won't be short or cheap, but like you said, it would be worth it for a dream trip. Since I haven't done this trip I don't have too many tips, but I would advise you contact your bank to see about doing some currency exchange ahead of time! Contacting your bank would also be great just for the curiosity of utilizing those banking systems out of the country and educating yourself on current currency exchange rates. 

This would be a great article for you to review about Norwegian Dawn ahead of time. https://www.cruisehive.com/norwegian-dawn-cruise-ship-overview-and-things-to-do/68769 There are plenty of things to do onboard this awesome ship. Will this be your first time cruising with NCL?

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Wow. Jerusalem is never a place I'd even think about visiting. I've read many excellent reviews, but when deciding where to go, it always tends to be more mainstream vacations you think about than places like Jerusalem. I'd be interested in hearing your views on such a place.

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@mcarab Will this immaculate cruise itinerary be for a celebratory event? How long will this cruise itinerary be? The cost of these flights won't be cheap, but I do think the cost will be justifiably well worth it. This is such holy territory. I have had friends visit and say it was the most incredible trip of their lifetime. Usually, if you wait to exchange your currency, it will be more costly. It's best to try and exchange your currency at your bank ahead of time. 

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