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  1. This is a dream trip for us to visit Ephesus and Jerusalem. Having Alexandria, Istanbul and some of the Greek islands is a plus. We’ve only had long flights to Brazil and Hawaii so NOT looking forward to the flights. We are taking advantage of the “2nd guest flys free” offer and know the times and airlines won’t be convenient but Austin TX is about a 2 hour drive so we’ll deal with it and plan to arrive in Athens on the 25th. Any information or recommendations on ports, the Dawn or money/cash for spending in ports will be greatly appreciated.
  2. This will be our 1st time with Celebrity and the Panama Canal/Southern Caribbean. Any recommendations or advice about the Beyond and ports will be greatly appreciated. I know March 2025 is a LONG way off but hopefully the drought will have eased. I did book concierge class and have a another couple also booked SO really hoping it’s worth our time and money.
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