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Fusina near Venice Italy


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We're booked on a Silversea cruise sailing from Fusina in just about a year from now. We've heard rumors that ships who use this port still ask passengers to check-in at the main terminal in Venice itself, only to transfer them by bus to Fusina once the check-in has been completed.

Has anyone had to do this ? Does it work smoothly or is it a huge hassle ? I'm asking because I'd rather be (mentally) prepared ... and as it is the season that ships are sailing that region, felt it was the right time to launch this question on these boards.

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@Sullanciri I have yet to explore Venice, but I too am curious to hear the responses about this area. This transfer process does sound accurate, but I wouldn't be too overwhelmed. I would prepare myself for this bus shuttle. It's likely a courtesy shuttle anyway, instead of having to taxi and find your own way from the port. I would view this as a little blessing in disguise. The bus system will eliminate the headache of finding alternate transportation once off-ship! 

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@LukeJ That's incredible! I would be willing to transfer on a bus during a visit too. I'm curious to hear from @Sullanciri has to say about the check-in/transfer system in Venice. The area has done its fair share of protesting large ships due to flooding issues in the past. https://www.cruisehive.com/venice-to-ban-large-cruise-ships-from-august-1st/53238

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@Sullanciri You will have a wonderful time on your Silversea Cruises! I hope you post a review about your experience; it has been a dream of mine to be able to cruise with this line. The line offers some exceptional itineraries that are unique to the line. Will this be your first time cruising with the line? Royal Caribbean Group owns this luxury line and fully acquired it more recently in 2020. image.thumb.png.8d30db07cebe744a0b4281ab43807093.png

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