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  1. Thx for your reply. We are in fact amassing a paper trail to have something to fall back on if - in a worst case scenario - we have to take legal action. I would however prefer to avoid that, but they may leave us with little choice. We were offered to take another cruise, but our calendar is full till spring of 2025 ... so that wasn't an option that got us anywhere. If I see what sort of compensation people get from other cruise companies, I am beginning to wonder what "luxury" means these days - in Ponant's case, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with service or customer orientation. When I book cruises with other companies that charge half as much, I at least have the benefit of not getting my hopes up too much - whereas one does have certain expectations when you deal with a luxury company.
  2. We're booked on a Silversea cruise sailing from Fusina in just about a year from now. We've heard rumors that ships who use this port still ask passengers to check-in at the main terminal in Venice itself, only to transfer them by bus to Fusina once the check-in has been completed. Has anyone had to do this ? Does it work smoothly or is it a huge hassle ? I'm asking because I'd rather be (mentally) prepared ... and as it is the season that ships are sailing that region, felt it was the right time to launch this question on these boards.
  3. Mid july if this year, and only two days before the departure of the cruise - we received a text message on our mobile, saying that the cruise had been canceled due to a technical issue with the ship (Le Dumont d'Urville). As an experienced cruiser I know that technical problems are to be expected some times, but one would expect more service from a company that prides itself (every time you get their voicemail) as a 5 star luxury company. We had to take the initiative to get things moving so we would get reimbursed for the canceled cruise, and finally got confirmation that we would get our money back. Since then, however, we haven't seen one cent. We got in contact with them and their local offices (not an independent travel agent, but a bonafide agency that is 100% part of the Ponant organisation) didn't seem to have a clue that nothing had been done. Can anyone help with suggestions on what to do ? Has anyone had similar issues with Ponant, and so - what worked ? Does anyone know about the timeframe in which a cruise company should reimburse passengers, because that is definitely not mentioned in the small letters of the official sales documents we always get from Ponant ?
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