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Horrible customer service

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Had the worst experience on the Norwegian Encore and the only answer we get from them is too bad. My mother-in-law spent her entire life savings to take her only son and his spouse and a couple family members on a vacation. We have only been on 1 other vacation 13 years ago.

They gave away her disability assessable room and left her unable to use the balcony and her bathroom. They told her to travel down 2 deck floors whenever she needed to go to the bathroom. Absolutely Unacceptable! We spent the first 4 days in our room,after canceling our excursions, trying to figure out how to build her a ramp or find a hospital commode chair in any of the upcoming ports, at our expense. We didn't even have our room cleaned in that time. My husband had to walk more than a mile, each way, from the boat into Skagway to pick up a commode chair from a wonderful doctor's office. On day 5 they told us that they had an empty assessable room from someone who never made the boat, five floors down. Unacceptable! They didn't know how to deal with food allergies properly and they kept taking away food I could eat and almost killed me once with something I definitely couldn't eat. They lied about what needed to be declared on the customs form and had us escorted off the boat to the customs agents and questioned, embarrassing and anxiety inducing. 

Horrible experience all around and Norwegian doesn't care. I will never stop talking about the WORST CRUISE LINE EVER!!!

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This is shocking. Absolutely shocking. In today's age, how can any company believe this is acceptable. What were they thinking the outcome would be. But nobody in these companies cares. They couldn't care less. They will no doubt apologise which is nothing as your holidays have been ruined. They may even give you some monies back, but again this means absolutely nothing because you have already spent a load being on the worst cruise. They have still made money on your misery. I'm sorry for your experience. 

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@Chelle This is one of the many complaints I have seen on Norwegian Cruise Line lately. 

Overall this is one of the worst and most horrifying reviews I have read about the line and its customer service. I don't understand how you could promise a room and not have it available, but to top it off, change the room type in such a way that the guest doesn't have access to the bathroom. I actually find that inhumane and very unjust that the cruise line would be able to dismiss this situation. It's completely frustrating to hear you had to come up with your own ramp accommodations, to find out that there was a vacant accessible room available throughout the entirety of the days you spent trying to make things work. 

I can tell that your post isn't hypercritical and seems very genuine and sincere. Some guests nitpick the little things like the food repetition or lack of seating at the pool, but this scenario has me pretty appalled. It's unacceptable for something like this to be overlooked.

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@Chelle This is certainly an extreme occurrence, but poor experiences like this do occur. There are often hiccups and glitches that occur including common human error, but if there is no one interested/available to correct those errors that's surely when things start moving south quickly. Reviews like this one occur because someone dropped the ball and no one else is willing/interested to pick it back up. Instead of making your case a priority, the cruise line chose to dismiss you to the point of extreme disappointment.

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