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Testing and hoops to jump through…

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In light of the current conditions for cruising, RCCL’s policy of not refunding deposits is ridiculous.  I booked a cruise in April 2022. I booked it months ago.  I cancelled it due to current hoops people have to jump through just to board. I’m fully vaccinated, all 3 jabs.  Yet everyone is required to have a negative COVID test within 48 hrs of sailing. As you can see with the COVID cases showing up on board, this process is not working.  It just add cost to the passengers.  You have pay for the test then hope the results come back fast enough.  RCCL will provide a test for those that choose to get it at the port.  The cost quoted by RCCL for the test is $69.  It will be added to your onboard account.  The kicker, there is also a charge for the Dr, that’s over $200. That is per person.  Why does a Dr need to administer the test?  No reason.  Just puts more money into RCCL’s pocket.  These procedures were not required when we booked, but now they are.  Had the process been like that at the time, we would not have booked. We were a total of 12 people in our party.  Celebrations were planned for the cruise were 2 birthdays, 2 anniversaries.  One of those birthdays was turning 50 yrs old.  
We have been on at least 12-15 cruises. Won’t be taking another one that’s for sure.  Shame on you RCCL. You changed the contract after we booked. If I lose my $500, so be it. In the end, RCCL will be losing much more. Not just in passenger fares, but also their integrity.  When I cancelled, I was told that deposit was lost, unless RCCL cancels the cruise.  Apr 10, 2022 from Port Canaveral.  

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The non refundable or no changes is what I have been faced with. Even though I and several of my friends should be honored under the Cruise Confidential policy of Royal Caribbean kept calling last week about trying to change our cruise out a year, none of the Customer Service Reps would not do anything for us, one Customer Service Rep told me she was going to get me a Manager on the phone and she never came back.  Myself and all my friends are elderly and have several health risks if we should even possibly get Covid, we are vaccinated but that doesn’t seem to matter.  Our cruise is supposed to leave out of Bayonne, NJ on 1/20/22.  We are deathly afraid of getting on that cruise but all of us spent so much money on it.  We are also having trouble trying to figure out how and where to get this Covid test needed in such a short 2 day turnaround time.  I know none of us has any extra money to be paying for any more tests as the above post speaks of.  Not to mention I am pretty sure the ports we are supposed to visit is closing their ports to us.  So in my mind this is total BS.  Our cruise is 11 days so this is scary as also a chance of being isolated for any amount of time freak’s us out.  Royal Caribbean is looking at a for sure Law Suit if anything happens to us.  Please pray for us.  I’m praying the CDC convenes somehow.  I am extremely disappointed in Royal Caribbean and I am spreading the word on how they are treating us to everyone I can.  Just Pitiful

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