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I think the people should understand that Cruising is one of the safest place to travel.. What upsets me is people who only read headlines and say the sky is falling.. The Media, and Senator Blumenthal should report the truth.. Less than 1% get infected on a cruise ship..  one reason those numbers are what they are is because the crew is tested several times on a cruise..  why would the Media and the Senator not address the sporting events, theme parks, airlines, Vegas, schools etc... Why pick on the Cruise lines...My theory is they are not US Companies so they are easy targets and they could care less if they go out of business.. Does the Media and Senator understand how many US citizens will be affected if they shut down again..  I really believe the Senator should shut his mouth unless he can report the facts..  Same with the media..

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As an aside, I want to thank Emmrys for a quick response to my concerns about content.  My hope this this site will be more factual and supportive of cruise customers and it needs more responses from customers who want less sympathy and victim response than how to cruise more informed and safe.

So...I solo cruised for the first time this past October ( 70 yr old female) #25 and know that things are somewhat more difficult BUT you have to do your homework and planning because "these cruise times are a changing".

Better rules to cruise and hope others will add to the list:

vaccines and boosters; I don't depend upon others e.g. tons of fake vaccine cards and ya think cruise ships can monitor that LOL

+travel insurance

I decided to go by myself to weather any misfortune and less risk for fragile companions and children...this is not the old days

CHEAPEST BALCONY CABIN!!!!! is most desired by me

don't care so much about port changes - been there done that -i want sun, sea, rocking motion LOL

not interested in costly frills...special dining venues - I can do that at home - ; gambling; sales to drag stuff home; few or none excursions

selected port stops closer to us mainland and no tendering... and no buses, excursions, packed crowds

planned for outdoor walking off the ship at any ports

I had a wonderful time but was most concerned about  our cruise staff and their future; very scary for them; I live in a safe warm world!!!

Please your best ideas for a safe and happy cruise!


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Thanks so much @KayeKarleen for posting! It sure is important to get that planning in first and it's important to read through all the small little details in the protocols, along with keep checking for new updates. I don't think I could ever do a solo cruise, so good for you for doing that! Thanks for touching on the amazing crew members, as a former crew member myself, they are often overlooked during these difficult times, especially when working for months away from home.

Let's hope all this will be over soon and cruising can get back to some normality by the summer!

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