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  1. I sail on Mardi Gras on March 26 ,2022 and San Juan is still on my itinerary as well as excursions in San Juan. Why would Carnival leave it on if it was dropped as a P O C?
  2. Seems like for whatever the reason they sure like to pick on the cruise industry. Many of the Islands depend on the Ships for their economy.
  3. Sailing on the Mardi Gras in March. I've been on several Carnival Ships. How does she differ from others in her class?
  4. I believe it is my decision to go or not to go if the ships are sailing. We have to keep going and keep our Nation and Economy going. If we look for it, fear lurks around every corner. I guess I just choose not to look. I'm just ready for the sailing on Mardi Gras in March
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