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  1. What a great stop! Walk off the ship to U.S. soil and become a part of an ancient culture - the forts; architecture; people; - a real treasure. My fav is to walk the ocean side promenade left off of the ship with a box of dry cat food from Walgreens and feed the "gatos" taken care of by the City and U.S. Parks. I will be booking again (last time solo cruise October 21 on Carnival) for a Spring cruise. Gee, i might forget to come back some day! Questions welcome.
  2. What i do know is that you did your homework and protected your interests (monetary and otherwise). Stay strong to GET YOUR END DESIRE. BTW, ya think the cruise lines finance rules leave you on the short end of the stick? I try to book past due date (cheapest cost) w/ cabin selection. Most travel insurance will cover the need to cancel. Good Luck.
  3. As an aside, I want to thank Emmrys for a quick response to my concerns about content. My hope this this site will be more factual and supportive of cruise customers and it needs more responses from customers who want less sympathy and victim response than how to cruise more informed and safe. So...I solo cruised for the first time this past October ( 70 yr old female) #25 and know that things are somewhat more difficult BUT you have to do your homework and planning because "these cruise times are a changing". Better rules to cruise and hope others will add to the list: vaccines and boosters; I don't depend upon others e.g. tons of fake vaccine cards and ya think cruise ships can monitor that LOL +travel insurance I decided to go by myself to weather any misfortune and less risk for fragile companions and children...this is not the old days CHEAPEST BALCONY CABIN!!!!! is most desired by me don't care so much about port changes - been there done that -i want sun, sea, rocking motion LOL not interested in costly frills...special dining venues - I can do that at home - ; gambling; sales to drag stuff home; few or none excursions selected port stops closer to us mainland and no tendering... and no buses, excursions, packed crowds planned for outdoor walking off the ship at any ports I had a wonderful time but was most concerned about our cruise staff and their future; very scary for them; I live in a safe warm world!!! Please your best ideas for a safe and happy cruise!
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