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  1. Id contact credit card/bank to dispute the rest. Tell them you've only received some of your money back, and Royal Caribbean givingvyou the run around.
  2. My husband, mother, and I were booked for a cruise Feb 19th. We were leaving from Puerto Rico, and because of all the changes initiated after we booked, that couldnt be met, we had to cancel the cruise. RCL gave me the run around for a month(never recieved emails regarding cancelation or FCC)so I initiated disputes with our credit card companies, forwarded them what the protocols were BEFORE we booked, and how they changed AFTER we were booked. As of today, we have all recieved back 100% of our money. Just letting people know its possible,though it may take a bit of a fight. Good Luck!
  3. I dont know if its because she was connected to our reservation(booked and paid separately), my mother recieved a refund also from RCL, we had not initiated a cancelation for her reservation, which we found odd, but she is happy to get some of her money back. They gave her half, including the beverage package she paid for. We will wait until Monday to see if the rest will be reversed. Hopefully again this is a step in the right direction for RCL and there customers.
  4. I was sailing on the Explorer leaving from San Juan. Because of the change in protocols, and we were leaving a few days early, I would have had to take a combined 3 test to even get on the ship. I initially reached out to Royal Caribbean, and was informed person A cancels and sends info to person B to process the credits. I screenshot some examples of others stating how Royal Caribbean gave them the run around about credits, timing, and processing. I also informed them of the covid protocols changing, AFTER we booked(that 1 is important for credit card issuers also).. We did the $500 nrd on 1 card and paid $300 separately on another card(didn't pay in full decided to pay over time).. I disputed 1 card and received a refund from Royal Caribbean, not my credit card company , so Im hoping this is a step in the right direction. I feel if more ppl go ahead and dispute, maybe they will process credits faster, and/or just offer refunds and fee-less rebookings(they tried charging me $100 to move my cruise from Feb to April, disgusting).. Love cruising but I will not be hoodwinked out of my money!!
  5. I'm initiating a dispute today. I called to cancel cruise and get a fcc, because our flight went through 3 itinerary changes, now its just blank. I have gotten nothing but the run around from RCL. I never recieved a email stating I canceled and will recieve a fcc. I called back a 2nd time and actually recorded the conversation. Fyi, the ppl who are taking the calls cant do anything! The guy basically slipped up and told me, the refunds and fcc are being forwarded to a team in the United States, and they are taking there sweet time, because basically RCL is keeping themselves a float(literally) with ppl money. I loved cruising because of the access it gives you, but Im definitely becoming a island hopper.
  6. Getting kind of down trodden, on the way Royal Caribbean is handling these turn of events.. Im feeling like darn if I do, darn if I don't.. Biggest issue is I've noticed all the canceled flights to Puerto Rico.. Royal Caribbean gives you 48hours, yet flights are only canceled within 24hours.. Not to mention, no one knows for certain if we will be allowed at any of the ports.. All around frustrated.. Anyone recently (since the 1st at least) have any insight on how Explorer is running, port stops, ect.. I know on the CDC website the ship is listed as yellow..
  7. Hello, have you received any updates from RCL, since the cruise is closer?
  8. No where. They make it a day at sea.
  9. Anyone have an update on how the are handling the Cabo port for the Carnival Miracle. I was informed they weren't allowed to tender on the Panorama. Has carnival figured something out, or are they going to try and tell us last minute, and skip the port?
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