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  1. PlayingwithFiber - Spirit airlines cancelled my flight. Best of luck with your cruise Feb. 6th.
  2. I am sorry to hear about your experience on your recent cruise. I was supposed to get on Explorer of the Seas tomorrow but cancelled after much deliberation. It would not have been the cruise or vacation my family wanted. Just yesterday they cancelled our stop in St. Lucia and have made it an "at sea: day on the on-line calendar. I have a feeling many more ports will not be visited. How were the onboard activities? Were any activities/shows cancelled or severely limited?
  3. I ended up cancelling my cruise and hours later got a text from the airline that my flight to San Juan had been cancelled - so I guess this trip was not meant to be for my family. I hope all that are still cruising have good trips. Would love to hear feedback.
  4. Rick, G. I received the same email. They seem to be pretty upfront about not knowing if/what ports would still be visited and that activities like the ice rink, rock climbing wall, etc..could be impacted. My read on this is they may not be available. I agree that rebooking or cancelling is the best choice.I have to give credit to RC for the email and giving us options.
  5. Thank you everyone for your comments. I am sorry to the past cruiser who missed 2 ports. For the future cruisers, like myself, we def. need answers. I called RC today and they said they have "no information" about the cruise not going as scheduled. As far and not going to planned ports and/or different ports they have "no information". I feel like we are on a need to know basis. We have all paid a lot of money and if this is not going to be the cruise we hoped for we should be told so ahead of time and be given options to cancel and given a refund or delay and get a cruise credit. I envision going to few ports and just cruising aimlessly in the Caribbean. If anyone gets any concrete information please share it here for the rest of us.
  6. Hi all, I am scheduled to take the Explorer of the Seas sailing leaving San Juan on Jan. 2, 2022. Given San Juans new strict requirement that anyone getting off a cruise ship to be tested within 48 hours how will we disembark at the end of our cruise? Anyone have any thoughts on this? I have a hard time believing the cruise line is going to test every passenger before we disembark at the end of the cruise. Anyone think they will cancel the cruise?
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