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I would absolutely love to retire on a cruise ship! Has anyone done/looked into this before? Do you have any savings tips or tricks to get to that point? Two former Holland America Line cruise ships are turning into residential ships. It looks like the lowest price per cabin for two guests in an interior stateroom is about $8k per month. That seems a bit steep considering I could cruise on other cruise lines weekly for about the same rate. Does this sound like a good monthly rate for a residential cruise?


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I wouldn't have even thought about retiring on a cruise ship but that does sound a dream idea. The price does sound fairly steep but when you consider what's involved and even care homes in UK can cost thousands per month, so in comparison if you can afford it, then that's a great plan. 

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If the cost is right, retiring on a cruise ship could be a fun way to enjoy life without being bound to work or the need to be tied down to one space or even the need to pay for rent on land! I definitely think 8k per month is a bit steep, but it could be a fun experience for just a month or two. Don't forget food and entertainment is all included onboard. I would hope laundry is provided for this experience. After spending more than a week somewhere, you likely will need to do a couple of loads of laundry. 

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