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  1. Actually, I just updated my list of past cruises and I’m closer to 70, yes I do enjoy cruising & have done that for many years. I started cruising when my daughter was 7, she’s now 28, I was able to show her about 50 countries of this beautiful planet we are on. We cruised about twice a year. Now that I’m retired I cruise a lot more than that. Yes it’s my passion & my happy place! The residence ship we chose is quite flexible. The ship also has a great thing that if we are off the ship for an extended period of time we only pay 30% of our rental costs. The monthly rental & not needing to buy a room or pay sooo much up front was also the big selling point for us. As to the small space, we the residents are already discussing ways to take advantage of our cabin space and sharing tips & tricks. I guess the best way to think of it our cabin is our bedroom & the place we sleep, store & shower. The rest of the ship is our living space & with tons of like minded people! The best is that we move around and see the world and experience so much first hand…life is there to be lived & I’m fully living my motto of “living the dream around the world”!
  2. I guess it depends how you look at it and how long a period you decide for. For us what really helped us decide was not only the passion to see the world without long international flights but most importantly the multiple days in each port and country. The topical few hours in a port on traditional cruises is often not enough & I’m getting tired of going back to the same ports again & again! I’ve Veen on approx 70 cruises worldwide. I also love the idea of unpacking once, having someone cook & clean, do my laundry & simply get spoiled. Cost wise, we chose the longest period (37+ months) which gives us a 40% discount making the room price very bearable.
  3. Yep, I’ve been on over 50 cruises & do love to cruise! Staying onboard and nor packing & unpacking is so appealing. I’m mega excited to see the world from my little residence on the ship, with the rest of the ship as my living room & ever changing scenery!
  4. I do love cruising and have been on ma B2B cruises, the hardest for me is always the packing & unpacking & the older I get the more I hate to fly anywhere very far. Last year I did 2 transatlantic cruise to avoid the flights across the pond. I hope to start a blog or YouTube channel to share our adventures with family & friends…
  5. I think we found a less expensive, all inclusive residence cruise.. there are inside cabins as low as $4,799 per month and that is for a cabin for two. A balcony cabin for two people is $7,199 per month and agin that if for both people sharing the cabin, all inclusive. For us this is the perfect way to see the world at a reasonable cost.
  6. A world cruise has always been my dream. We are finally making it come true sailing on a residential cruise world-wide cruise with Victoria Cruises Line in September 2023.
  7. We are doing a much more reasonable world cruise with Victoria Cruise Lines. Over 200 port, 115 countries, 28 months, 7 continents, One epic adventure for 1 affordable monthly rental fee.
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