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Cruisehive News Issues

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@Emrys It appears there is another issue with the news pages.  There is no issue with the main 1st page - it is showing current news articles.  But when I click on page 2, it is showing news from Dec 9th and earlier rather than last week’s news.  Then page 3 shows Dec 24th and earlier. So somehow page 2 is screwed up - skipping articles from Dec 25th to Dec 29th. 


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5 hours ago, Emrys said:

Not seeing any issues on our end. Are you still having the issue even after clearing the browser cache?

For 2 or 3 days before posting this, I was having issues as stated above.  I came here this evening and read your reply, so went to the news section to verify and all is working as it should. I swear I did nothing different on my end from last night to tonight!  Thanks for whatever you did or didn’t do. 

Using an iPad for what it’s worth. Next time before posting, I will verify on a “real” computer. 

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5 hours ago, Kendall James-Vargas said:

@FJB I'm also not having any issues on my computer. Are you using a mobile device? I occasionally have issues while accessing the site on my phone. 

I’m using an iPad. Very seldom do I access cruisehive via a computer.  All is working fine tonight. 

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@Jim Lamb That's such a bummer you are experiencing some issues on here. Have you tried refreshing the page? The new browser was a bit of a learning curve for me. There are tabs that feature news by category such as "latest" or "featured." I usually try to browse through the "latest" category. I access it by scrolling down on the pop-up browser. I prefer looking through the news in chronological order. That allows me to see the most recently produced news on top. 

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