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Poor Customer Service

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So my daughter and her family should be leaving tomorrow on the Breakaway for the Western Caribbean.  There is brutal weather all over and she was supposed to fly from SF to Houston to NOLA.  These flights were bookd by NCL.  She was notified today that she will be flying to Chicago and then to NOLA.  When she asked why they are flying her into a storm there were no responses. These responses were from NCL and United Airlines

I tried to disuade her from booking with NCL after the 2 disappointing cruises we had with them this year.  I tried to get her to go on Celebrity.  She is learning what poor customer service they have and that once they have your money - you are a ghost,


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@bombarc I really hope you get on board safely today. Considering NCL booked the flights, I would assume the line should be better at communicating! I hope the line has gotten back to you since and the overall onboard experience is better than the lack of communication you have received so far! Keep me posted on your cruise. 

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How was their flight?  I think safety will always be the priority.  Objectively I do not think the airline and the air control will let them fly if it was not deemed safe.  I hope all your fear and anxiety are alleviated.  But I do hope NCL will respond more when customers have questions regarding their booking.  Maybe it is because of the holiday but then again we have heard this time and again.  NCL does not have the best customer service on record.

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