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Carnival Cruise Curfew policy!

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I applaud the Curfew, and think 1am is too late.

Last Christmas there was a certain group continually running the halls, removing door decorations, including ours, and putting them on other doors.

I'll happily report issues on my next cruise!

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Great, but a little too late for me and my husband. On our last night of our cruise 6/24/22 my husband was walking downstairs Carnival Horizon two kids playing on steps ran or bumped him, he tried to grab rail but unfortunately fell 3 steps. It could have been worse. Kids ran off. He tried to get up fell again. Took him to ship's doctor, took ex-rays and Doc said because he fell on both knees, he popped kneecaps out of place. Wrapped knee and gave him hydrocortisone. Husband left ship in wheelchair next day. As soon as we landed, I took him straight to emergency still in wheelchair. June 25, Orthopedic Doc called in ex-rays taken again. Now we're dealing with a real doctor at least one we have faith in. Ex-rays showed Husband tore Quadriceps Tendons on both knees because he fell on his knees. Emergency surgery performed Sunday June 26 next day. If he had not had surgery Doc said he'll never walk again. Sept 3rd husband still wearing knee braces but thank God he is walking and will have to have PT for another month. Sent letter of complaint to Carnival headquarters but yall know how that went. RADIO SILENCE.

Glad Carnival is doing something maybe other passengers have complained about kids running wild on their ships. Husband and I are seasoned cruisers, but we are done with Carnival Cruise Lines. 

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I also think this is long overdue and the curfew should be earlier. I'm not an old fuddy duddy but I resent kids making noise at 3 a.m. On a cruise early this year, we had a group of kids in an adjacent cabin that had no adult supervision and they were throwing each other around until, after the 2nd complaint, Carnival did something about it. However, it happened again another 2 nights. We discovered the parents were out partying until 5 a.m. one night and after 2a.m. the other nights and no one kept the kids group separate. 

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I agree, there should be a curfew for unaccompanied kids, and consequences for them and the parents that let them run wild. The Hubs and I LOVE Carnival, and we’ve only had one “unpleasant” incident with kids other than them playing in the elevators. While standing in line at the buffet one afternoon, a young boy about 10ish ran right in front of me and grabbed the last  plate. My husband proceeded to step in front of the kid and “explained”😉😉 to him how rude that was, told him to give the plate back to me and apologize. He did, but you could tell he wasn’t very happy about it LOL. We are in our early 60’s, have 5 kids & 4 grandkids, all are very respectful and courteous to others, especially their elders, as all kids should be. 

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We just got off the Vista yesterday and were literally sitting at the Atrium Bar talking to the bartender when we read the announcement of the restrictions and curfew. We had commented to him about the kids, particularly the ones screaming in the background. He said if you think this is bad, the last few cruises had over a  thousand kids. We usually cruise in the late fall and winter so had not experienced this volume of kids. Even when we did cruise last summer there weren't any kids on board. 

For us, although I agree the curfew should be earlier, we aren't out and about after midnight. One part that affected us is the noise. Specifically in the hallways. We've, on occasion, had to listen to a drunk passenger in the hallway but that has been rare. On this cruise though, our hallway was apparently a race track. 2 o'clock in the morning running up and down the hall. During the day, trying to read or relax, you could hear the running outside the cabin. We never complained because, frankly, we didn't want to put the crew in the position of parenting these kids. 

We were in the elevator one of the days and 2 kids got in with their parents (I assume). On the way down one of the kids starts pushing all the buttons and the parents said nothing until another passenger spoke up. I was dumbfounded that they just allowed the kid to push the buttons. 

I don't have high hopes that the new policy will do much unless Carnival follows through consistently. 

Plus I don't want to over blow the situation, most of the kids were great so it made the bad parents stand out. We had a great time as usual and the rest of our cruises so far are in the late fall and winter.


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Yes, my wife and I (Carnival Diamond) also applaud this decision.  We have been on many cruises with no issues, and no conflicts.  We have also cruised with our children when they were teens.  I would easily say the majority of cruisers are respectful, and many parents are mindful of their children.  However, it does not take many to really create some havoc.  Like others have said, we have been disturbed by the running and screaming.  We have seen much reckless behavior.  In April of this year (Vista), we had to call security due to the 4 children in the cabin next to us.  They were running up and down the hall, screaming and slamming the cabin door.  In the cabin the were fighting and throwing things at each other.  I stuck my head out of the cabin when they came out once and asked them (politely) to keep it down.  A boy of about 15 cursed me out.  Then we called security.  Security came to the cabin and stopped the commotion and stayed until the parents were located on the ship.  In May, also on the Vista, we had all of our cabin decorations stolen (some rather precious to us) or destroyed.

Tony, on his "La Vida Loca" YouTube CruiseOn report today supported the curfew.  He said there was some backlash from people calling this "parent shaming."  Really?  Some also quoted the old line, "It takes a village to raise a child."  Well folks, a cruise ship is not your child rearing village.  While a few parents feel they paid big bucks for a vacation and don't want to spend it minding the kids, a few thousand other passengers paid big bucks as well.  And they don't deserve to be hassled by YOUR unsupervised children. 

So, yes, we do think it was time for this.  We also agree with other commenters that it should be earlier; midnight or 11pm. 

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Safety is a real concern to unaccompanied kids, also they become more unruly if they do not get their rest/sleep when they need to.  Since they are on vacation, I think 12 midnight is fine. 1 am could be a bit late honestly, but if they are with their parents maybe they can keep the kids behaved.  

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