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  1. Great, but a little too late for me and my husband. On our last night of our cruise 6/24/22 my husband was walking downstairs Carnival Horizon two kids playing on steps ran or bumped him, he tried to grab rail but unfortunately fell 3 steps. It could have been worse. Kids ran off. He tried to get up fell again. Took him to ship's doctor, took ex-rays and Doc said because he fell on both knees, he popped kneecaps out of place. Wrapped knee and gave him hydrocortisone. Husband left ship in wheelchair next day. As soon as we landed, I took him straight to emergency still in wheelchair. June 25, Orthopedic Doc called in ex-rays taken again. Now we're dealing with a real doctor at least one we have faith in. Ex-rays showed Husband tore Quadriceps Tendons on both knees because he fell on his knees. Emergency surgery performed Sunday June 26 next day. If he had not had surgery Doc said he'll never walk again. Sept 3rd husband still wearing knee braces but thank God he is walking and will have to have PT for another month. Sent letter of complaint to Carnival headquarters but yall know how that went. RADIO SILENCE. Glad Carnival is doing something maybe other passengers have complained about kids running wild on their ships. Husband and I are seasoned cruisers, but we are done with Carnival Cruise Lines.
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