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Norwegian upcoming cruise

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Well you will probably have to wait in the hot sun for hours on embarkation day, then there’s going to be a photographer insisting on taking your picture upon boarding. When you enter your cabin for the first time, there will be a single strand of hair in the shower. The bar will not have your special grey goose imported from China and the ice cubes will not be cold enough. There will only be 5 options on the dinner menu each night.... Need I go on? 

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On 7/22/2022 at 4:03 PM, Angee said:

Well I have a Alaskan cruise coming up what disappointments should I expect? It already took an hour to log in to your website talking to a foreigner in another country who kept putting me on hold🤑

Well if you are looking to encounter disappointments on your upcoming cruise, maybe, just maybe, you are not approaching this cruise with the right mindset.  @FJB's sarcasm was so appropriate.

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I probably would only call a cruise holiday a total disappointment, when and if the cruise gets canceled.  All other things that were mentioned here would be just inconveniences that honestly I really couldn't care less. These inconveniences are just part of the story, that I would enjoy sharing with my friends years from now and I am just gonna shake my head and laugh it out.  Our mindset should be, "I get to cruise on my holiday! Yay!!"  

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