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  1. Addictive/compulsive people inflate many cash cows. Smoking contaminates an area far beyond imaginary borders, however smokers gamble more than nonsmokers. Drunk, obnoxious passengers contaminate the bar area yet they spend large amounts of money. It's always an interesting balancing act to observe. No matter the decision, cruise companies will alienate someone. Personally, I despise smoking, but understand it's huge contributions to the medical field and tax base. Do your research and avoid cruises that don't align with your preferences. There's plenty of choices so don't whine either way.
  2. There is a trolley to ride as well. You can actually stay in Ybor and trolley close to the port. The Hampton Inn is close enough to walk if you travel light.
  3. Seaawgs


    What ever excuse it takes to get you to uncork your wallet. It's likely every aspect of a recent cruise is more expensive than before so now everyone wants to ride the gravy train. Every indulgence in Bermuda carries a heavy premium but they provide a nice, safe experience. $12-$15 beer and $25 sandwiches goes along with all of these new costs. You'll find these dynamics in nearly all large US cities and tourist destinations. Living in Florida, we are always amazed how much families are willing to spend at Disney World. No matter how much they charge, they can't slow demand.
  4. @3Sisters no, we have never been on a world cruise nor have we visited Africa. The replacement itinerary is a good one but it relies heavily on more traditional stops which we've visited. Kenya, Tanzania, Jordan, The Red Sea are now gone.There have been several changes overall to the itinerary along with added disclaimers in Australia. It will likely change more becoming less like the cruise we booked. The other issue is visas. If you choose to obtain them on your own, you now have visas for countries you're no longer visiting.
  5. @3Sisters the itinerary on this one was excellent, taking a southern route once exiting the Canal. Similarly, a more southern route from Australia to Africa. Most World cruises wander the Orient for far too long and skip The Seychelles, Mauritius and South Africa. No compensation or consideration was offered. It's likely this ship will be an extra with scheduling being complete for other ships .
  6. We just canceled our Holland America world cruise over a similar itinerary change. While I certainly don't blame them given world conditions, removing bucket list destinations needs compensation. With cruise companies having their bread buttered on all sides these days, they've returned to and surpassed their punishing rules. Proceed with caution before making any future payments. After that, they can make any changes and you just have to accept it. Read carefully!
  7. There will be a lot of "private" parties?
  8. The ignorance of employing the "straw man" argument is on full display. Truly disabled people are generally aware of their need to fit in as best they can. This does not include SUV sized scooters with storage racks and coolers. Expecting cruise companies to build ships with the fattest people riding the largest scooters in mind is nuts. There are numerous afflictions we all may suffer but expecting everyone else to alter and accommodate them ruins it for all. Should I demand theatrical shows on-board not use lighting in their production because I have epilepsy? I wear dark glasses and hope for the best. One or two scooters parked in the elevator landing was tolerable but as that number grows , the safety of other guests becomes an issue.
  9. How about a Guest Relations "eject" button. Anyone with a complaint must sit in a special chair at Guest Relations while airing their grievance. If the majority of his/her fellow passengers in the lobby feel they are being petty or unreasonable, an ejection button is pushed and the wank giving the staff a hard time is dumped.
  10. Seaawgs


    @Kendall James-VargasI'm happy to drink water from a plastic bottle when available. Those seeking to profit will always use our preferences against us. The question becomes, how much of a hostage are you willing to be. @FJB decided Celebrity surpassed that limit with drink package prices. Perhaps we can dust off our smuggling skills. The argument of water being a necessity for life may work against you. Who wouldn't pay a few extra bucks to stay alive. Carnival stock is less than half of its average value before covid while Royal Caribbean stock has surpassed pre pandemic levels.
  11. Seaawgs


    I brush my teeth with it, so tap water on a ship is fine. The gym offers the next best option. Touching anything in the buffet has risks. The sources of bottled water can also be quite dubious. Let's not forget that EVIL plastic bottle, be an ECO warrior. Other entertainment venues (Disney, Broadway theaters etc.) charge $5 and up for a bottle of water. Only the guy on the Flamingo rd crossover in Vegas has held steady at a buck. During the pandemic, cruise lines borrowed hundreds of millions to stay afloat. That along with world governments economically empowering a whole new group of people means ALL prices will keep going up.
  12. It's the hypocrisy of so called environmentalists that discredits the notion of "green". Telling us phosphorus and lead are bad only to force the use of CFL lighting which has both. A pipeline is a sightly scar on the land but hundreds of acres of solar panels or windmills are just dandy. Millions of spent batteries from EVs won't be an environmental problem but other batteries are. As world governments seek to empower all 8 billion people on the planet, doing without is no longer an option. As this appetite grows , unattractive remedies will be further employed in both our food and energy sources. Like most things, $$$$ will determine access and acceptability.
  13. I suspect most of us will struggle with how any company received access to your bank account. It would also be a stretch to believe your bank has no idea whom they paid on your behalf. If you used a debit card backed by Master Card or Visa, there will be a trail for them to follow as well as your bank. Since there are transaction numbers a digital identifiers, it seems your bank could clear this up quickly.
  14. @Kendall James-Vargas sounds like your husband has it figured out!
  15. @3Sisters there are plenty of things to do in Cayman but like my friends in Barbados say, everyone has palm trees and sunshine. The water and beaches are nice but the same are available at other ports at a much lower cost. Port days with an empty ship are glorious!
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