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  1. @Cruising Caribbean we have worked on the island several times and have good friends who pick us up when we cruise to Barbados. The roads are said to be former Ox cart paths so getting around can be tricky. Since nearly all Caribbean stops have palm trees and sunshine, enjoy what makes Barbados (Little England) special.
  2. There are several societal trends that result in grandparents raising their grandchildren which may be a factor. Celebrity's weak youth program makes parents/grandparents the entertainers of any children they bring abroad. If it's cold or raining, what do you do with the little monsters? Unfortunately, the Solarium amplifies all noise and will cause me to adjust my daily use of the beverage package.
  3. Carnebrity or Celebrival ....take your pick
  4. In Barbados, take a ride up to St. John's Parrish Church. Fantastic elevated views of the Atlantic Ocean with an attached cemetery containing centuries old monuments. A short ride from there is Bathsheba, a small town with a couple of nice restaurants and great views of the rugged Atlantic.
  5. @Cruising Caribbean I do sympathize with their attempt to lure new cruisers while trying to hang on to their loyal customers. The new mega cruise ships are actually competing with Disney World and other theme parks more than Celebrity or Holland. Most new ships, Edge Class included, are changing the ratio of "free" space to "pay" space. Exclusive space for Suite Class customers has expanded drastically. When you analyze bookings, Soltice Class leads the way. We enjoyed our 42 days on Edge class ships last year but all future bookings are on Millennium and Soltice Class ships.
  6. Edge class is a stinker. 35 days on the Beyond and 7 on the Ascent. Imagine being on the Equinox and cramming the ; Martini bar and lounge, craft social bar and lounge, Ensamble bar and lounge, Passport bar and lounge and the Il Bacio all into one space with limited seating. That is what you'll face each evening on an Edge class ship. Infinite balconies are really just ocean view cabins with a window that rolls down. 3300 people won't feel like a Celebrity cruise.
  7. @Kendall James-Vargas so true. Fares fluctuate hundreds of dollars from day to day so $5 is negligible. It's ironic that ports heavily patronized by walk-off cuisers are issuing extra fees. Lisbon is one of the few European ports with easy walking access, beauty and a variety of activities. While that sounds good, fewer cruisers take sponsored excursions (cash cow) in these types of port. We older, veteran cruisers need a good reason to lure us from our beverage package lair.
  8. Spent 59 days this year on Celebrity without trouble. A doctor making such a statement is pure ignorance when you consider how many non cruisers fill the doctors offices and hospitals. Hand sanitizer and vigilance will go a long way.
  9. Cruise companies set an unfortunate example, kissing world government butts, while trying to emerge from COVID restrictions. Sadly, the cruise industry has maintained this posture while world governments line up for round 2. You can't appease parasites. Ridiculous art work, Godmothers and the like only embolden those who cruise lines hope to placate.
  10. @Kendall James-Vargas I doubt it. Nuclear, over time, winds up being greener than other forms of heat source necessary to generate large amounts of electricity. Potential mishandling and disposal of spent material make its use problematic in less structured countries. "Greener" is a buzzword being used to further shakedown cruise companies. Add requiring use of shore power to the growing list of taxes and fees being levied against the cruise industry. If Cayman's new proposal takes hold, cruise companies will have to draw a line.
  11. If shore power is generated by a nuclear power plant, it is "greener". Otherwise, a fossil fuel powered plant would be neutral at best. Like most green initiatives, costs far outweigh benefits for the sake of perception. One good result from shore power would be a lack of exhaust smell on deck while the ship is docked. It's likely shore power is a local cash cow dressed in "green".
  12. Beverage packages and drinking in general are offered due to popularity. If I've been to St. Maarten 20 times, what can the cruise line do to make it 21? Spending 3+ sea days out of 7 sipping iced tea and punch won't cut it. I alone determine my fate when I choose a level drinking beyond what's wise.
  13. Walmart started out putting small stores in rural communities. Covid proved local population will have the final say on ports of call. Making ships the destination is a hedge against future events and allows passengers to spend more on board. Consider what people spend at Disney World and it's not difficult to see this new direction.
  14. Local currency is always best. Most cruise ships will offer to exchange dollars for local currency for a small premium. You will find the exchange rate will fluctuate from store to store if you use US dollars and the ability to give back change will vary as well. The conversion rate for the two countries mentioned will require a calculator for sure. Buying those currencies before you go will probably prove expensive.
  15. @FJB I have a complaint concerning people complaining about those who complain.
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