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  1. Have you been to the Spa?!! I can't wait to do some serious spa time!!
  2. My thoughts exactly, I guess we will wait to see what happens.
  3. Thank you, I think given the fact the ship departs at 3:00 PM we might be better off driving our car to the pier. Planning on arriving about 11:00 , in hopes most of the previous passengers have left. Going to YC entrance and start our vacation!!
  4. PaulB, thanks for your reply . I can understand an additional cost for a lobster or steak in the main dinning room. But certainly not in the YC with the reason being the cost of booking a YC x suite.
  5. Hummm, that could be the reason to prevent the waste of food. However some people do order 2 and 3 meals and finish all of them. My family eat large portions, it's not that we are gluttons we work and play hard. This will be interesting to see how it plays out. I'm wondering if they will apply the extra free to the YC dining room?
  6. 👋 I am sorry that I didn't see this message! I would love a list or link of area hotels. We live in CT usually we take a car service when we leave out of NY. This year we might consider staying at a Hotel in the city or parking in the lot of the terminal. The prices for the cars have gotten out of control. Thanks
  7. Thank you PaulB for asking this question and Thank you 3Sisters for your answers! I just read that the Seaside was planning to add an additional $5.00 charge for a second dinner. The article did say it was only on that ship, and it might just be a "test". Personally I hope not because I don't like that nickel and dime way of thinking.
  8. Hi; Thanks for the response, I thought that we would get shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion in our bathrooms. I have joined FB for MSC from NY. That's where I heard that, and other nasty things about the ship which is making me nervous. I guess some people are never satisfied. But when I hear the food is awful and the ship smells like sewerage I start to wonder was it one random sailing or an on going situation. Hope either way I'm not going until April so it will be all straightened out. 🤞
  9. I would think so. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming cruise. Enjoy!
  10. I can understand you being nervous with the little ones and the balcony. I would think they probably sleep in a little longer without any light coming in. As I stated to mention in my past post, we use to cruise more often, since we started staying in the Haven's we had to cut back on the frequency of our vacations. It's just not possible with the price difference . I will say once you do a Haven Suite ( 🤞MSC YC Suite) you don't want to go back. It's so nice to be pampered beyond your wildest dreams. I do have a question -. I have heard that on MSC they do not supply you with hair conditioner . Is that true?
  11. Enjoy your upcoming cruise! Will you be cruising on MSC? We use to cruise more , until we discovered how much easier it is for our son and his disabilities to book the Haven or YC..
  12. Oh my, that was a terrible experience for your family to have to deal with. I couldn't imagine how your little ones were able to deal with that! I hope the rest of the vacation went smoothly.
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