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  1. Turkey Hill might be the name of the store brand from Kroger ( aka City Market out West) which I've never tried!! Personally my preferred ice cream brands of choice are Haagen Dazs Vanilla, Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream ( also available in the own Ice Cream Shops ( more $$$$ than Haagen Dazs or any other Premium Ice Cream but SSSOOO WORTH IT!!). VERY ECLECTIC AND UNUSUAL HAND CRAFTED FLAVOR COMBINATIONS. Breyers is the best for GOOD QUALITY AND THE BEST VALUE!! I'd say it all depends on one's personal preference in the end!!
  2. I just read an article on my phone about Carnival getting strict on scooters especially OVERSIZE SCOOTERS and I think it's LONG OVERDUE!! Years ago there were no scooters!! They hadn't been invented yet!! In fact years ago the average cruiser was YOUNGER AND HEALTHIER!! Now the average American is OVERWEIGHT AND THE NUMBER OF MORBIDLY OBESE PEOPLE IS TEACHING EPIDEMIC PROPORTIONS!! The fact of the matter is if it weren't for the plethora of new medications invented over the last decade or two many of these folks wouldn't be alive or able to do the things they are able to do!!
  3. Are you frightening kidding me?? Blue Bell is like the Walmart of Ice Creams!! Just read the ingredients in their Vanilla Ice Cream: Artificial flavor and colors and High Fructose Corn Syrup!! EEEWWWWW GAG ME WITH A SPOON!!
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