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  1. I cannot believe that someone thought they were entitled to a full refund for a few hours of inconvenience. According to the article they were given the room category they paid for after a few hours of being 'displaced' upon boarding. 300 OBC is more than adequate https://www.cruisehive.com/cruise-couple-receive-damaged-cabin-on-royal-caribbean-ship/115832
  2. ombud


    I end one cruise and start another in a California port. Do I have to get off the ship or can I just go to the Sanctuary?
  3. ombud


    What happens on turnaround day?
  4. Well there's several Caribbean stops that require cruisers to have a passport for even though it might be a closed loop cruise. To name just a few: Panama inc Panama Canal, Barbados, Colombia, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Martinique, St. Bart’s, and Trinidad and Tobago. No passport / no boarding / my travel summary told me to bring mine. @Don nix was the ship stopping at any of those?
  5. A larger piazza with more seating for International Cafe
  6. @Cruising Caribbean i haven't used Starlink but I saw it mentioned online. I usually have a lot of port days and want to just relax / unplug onboard.
  7. @lovetotravel104 hopefully the new Starlink program will work better
  8. I keep checking but all I can find for non-alcoholic pkgs are the soda & Zero-Alcohol Drink Package. But both have mostly sweet sugary drinks so I'm not buying either. Will pay as I go.
  9. Yes. And I've asked to have it added to my next one & been denied. Have you experienced anything different? Which ship? I'm on the Royal Princess in 6 weeks so will try again
  10. Despite the recent article: https://www.cruisehive.com/princess-cruises-adds-new-package-option-for-passengers/95184 not all Princess ships are accepting / selling / aware of this new pkg. Personally I want the pkg because I don't drink more than maybe 1 glass of wine. I'm primarily a coffee, tea, water drinker. Would like the pkg but it's not there
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