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  1. Celebration from Miami in late February! Amber Cove, San Juan, St. Thomas (7 days). Very excited!!!!!
  2. The Carnival Paradise September 29th cruise has been canceled. Paradise will be staying in Cozumel until it is safe to go back. I think anyone that was supposed to be on this cruise should/could book Sunrise's 4 Day cruise on the 29th from Miami, going to Key West and Cozumel. You could also do Valor from New Orleans, still on 9-29-2022, 4 day to Cozumel. Anyone who wants to do one of those should book quick before they get sold out.
  3. Yes, I have left out of Charleston, South Carolina in February 2020. It was on Carnival Sunshine and SUPER fun!!!
  4. Ecstasy will be retired in October, not Elation. There are no plans to retire Elation any time soon. Maybe you got the names mixed up? Are you cruising from Mobile or Jacksonville?
  5. Today Carnival announced that Costa Luminosa will join the Carnival fleet instead of Magica as previously announced. It will be renamed Carnival Luminosa and will cruise from Brisbane Australia from October to April and in Alaska😃 from May to September. Luminosa will join the fleet in November 2022 with some of the Carnival changes from Costa and get more of the Fun Ship 2.0 features later. This is exciting news for me and a lot more as I have been waiting for a announcement like this for awhile. (All of above is in my own words)
  6. Definitely not. The only thing wrong with it is the funnel wing burned off. After the fire: Only thing damaged was the ring wing of the funnel. Mardi Gras departure from Grand Turk delayed to assist Freedom. Freedom will stay in Grand Turk until Saturday. Guests can stay on the ship and go on the island. Carnival Conquest will come at 4:00pm on Saturday to pick up Freedom's guests and take them back to Port Canaveral, arriving Monday. Freedom's May 28 cruise is cancelled, and Conquest's May 27 cruise cancelled, Conquest's May 30 shortened one day to now depart on May 31 because it needs to get back to Miami. Hope that makes sense
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