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  1. We are booked on the Elation for a 5 day August cruise. Yes, she is old and will be retired in October. I guess we are more traditional cruisers and do not need go-karts or rock walls to enjoy being at sea. We like smelling the salt air from our balcony, sipping our morning coffee, having a leisurely breakfast in the MDR, reading, playing Rummy or Blackjack in the casino. Lunch at Guys Burger joint, an afternoon nap, a quiet dinner and a show in the evening. Or watching a movie in our cabin, then rolling over and going to sleep with the gentle movement of the ship rocking me. No dishes to wash or beds to make. Not even going ashore unless we want to. I certainly understand the allure of the mega-ships with all the latest gadgets, and the young families that cruise on them. To each his own. I just hope that enough smaller ships survive to serve the older generation with the peace and tranquillity that we worked for and deserve.
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