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  1. When can I book the new ship thanks moran
  2. It doesn't look fixed it looks cut off moran
  3. The ship had a fire last month. Moran
  4. How am I mean to carnal I like their ships just asking questions 🥰 moran
  5. Since freedom is broken for now, is carnial going to keep ecstacy longer? Thanks moran
  6. Is this true is this why they always started fires allways is anyother funnel on fire thanks moran
  7. Hi roxannelindo I read it's scrapped moran
  8. Oh ok thanks for the clarification I did read it here thow moran
  9. LisaR I read it on here second post thanks moran
  10. Hello Jill kink im moran
  11. I red on here it's going to turkey moran
  12. When I we book new Orleans Mardi gras cruises Moran?
  13. Why did they do that why wouldn't carnival use it again now they have to build a new one moran
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